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Maritime Museum of Crete

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September 15, 2019
The Maritime Museum of Crete is housed at the Venetian Firka fortress, placed at the entrance of the old harbor in Chania. This location has historical importance because on December, 1st, 1913, the Greek flag was raised there and signaled the unification of Crete with the Greek state. The initial…
May 25, 2019
Visit the wonderful Naval Museum (Maritime Museum) - it delivers a superb introduction to the History of Crete and is by no means only for maritime mavens, you will learn more here in half an hour than most could teach you, about the events that filled Crete's moving past. Excellent, well done…
February 25, 2020
21 Halidon Street, Chania Venetian Harbour At the entrance of the port of Chania is situated the Venetian Fortress Firkas, where on December 1st 1913, the Greek flag has been hoisted, sealing the union of Crete with the motherland Greece. The Maritime Museum of Crete was founded in 1973 in order…
June 16, 2016
It's an a historical castle with a great view.
July 15, 2017
The Nautical Museum is located at the heart of Chania Old Venecian Harbour. Worth visiting.
February 9, 2017
for the real size replica of the Bronze Age Minoan Boat and more..
September 20, 2019
A naval museum with 2.000 naval items(paintings,maps,wreck finds,models of ships e.t.c.)
July 21, 2017
Housed in the Firkas Fortress, the Maritime Museum of Crete opened its doors in 1973. The two-storey building contains 13 displays presenting the maritime history of Crete, from antiquity to the Battle of Crete in 1941. It includes models of various vessels, wreck discoveries, documents on the Greek…
March 27, 2017
April 16, 2019
This museum traces Crete's centuries-old relationship with the sea, from the Minoans, through the Byzantine, Venetian, and Turkish periods, to arrive at the German invasion of the island during WWII. Spread over two floors, the collection includes video presentations, amazing models of ships,…

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“The lighthouse at the old harbor of Chania is the most recognizable part of the city, posing at all travel books of Crete. The story of the lighthouse starts a long ago, although its present form dates back since the Egyptian Occupation of Crete (in the early 19th century). The Venetians, under the threat of the Turks, in the late 16th century, started fortifying all towns throughout Crete. In the period 1595-1601 they made great interventions at the port of Chania. At the center of the breakwater, they built the bastion of St. Nicholas, which together with the fortress of Firkas, could protect the harbor entrance. At that time they also built the lighthouse. The current lighthouse tower is mounted on a trapezoidal base which holds since the Venetian Era. During the Turkish Occupation, the harbour of Chania and the lighthouse were neglected and abandoned. In 1839, the Egyptians restored the lighthouse as we see today. Today’s tower stands at 21m height and is visible within 7 miles. ”
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Hafen / Marina
“The old Venetian Harbour in Chania is a must. It´s a place with a unique atmosphere with it´s tavernas like pearls on a string. They are very eager to have you come in, so take it easy and try to resist as long as possible and enjoy the sight. The tavernas here are quite expensive after Greek standard. We use to drink a cup of coffee here and a raki just to enjoy the atmosphere and all the turists, but if we want to eat we continue around the bow and pass the mosque and pass the rich peoples yachts until a road is going up among the old warehouses to the right. At the bootom of this road to the left we look for the street called Kaligon and here at the back you will find a genuine Greek taverna called DOLOMA. Very friendly people, and you choose your own food from a counter where the food is displayed. It´s not the harbour but the prices are better. If you instead of going up here continue to the end of the harbour you will find a little museum with a copy of and old boat with which they sailed an olive branch from Crete to Athens for the opening of the Olympics in Athens 2004. A warning : don´t try to park near the harbour or in the city streets, it´s impossible and a nightmare and could result in bumps. Find a parking cellar instead and relax it´s much better. Here is how you find one of them : Go by the National Road to Chania and drive for rather a long time on the edge of Chania you can see to the right. When you reach the signs for Hospital and Mournies, go down here and don´t go left towards Mournies and the Hospital, but continue into Chania. Here you pass 3 traffic lights and when you have just passed the third one you will see a P sign 2,5 meters up where the road narrows to the right pointing to the right. Drive down this road and find APOLLON Parking place. drive in here to the right and leave the key in, they will park the car for you. Go and get a ticket with a number and you are free to explore the city of Chania. If you turn left by Apokourona steeet you can soon see the big Market Place. Having seen this you can continue left up the busy main road in Chania until you reach the 1866 - Square. If you turn right here you will walk right down to the harbour. When you go to claim your car back, they will ask you to which side you want it. Our advice is : choose the same side where you drove in and turn right down to the big road and turne right here. Now you can follow this road for a very long time until you reach the harbour in Souda with the big ferries. Turn up there and go left until you reach the National Road again and find your way back to Kalives. We almost forgot to tell you about the Old Chania : just one or two streets in from the harbour you find the Old City of Chania, with its crooked back streets. Here you cab still find ruins from teh Germans haevy bombardment of Chania in 1944. There are excavations going on here from the ancient Chania. Notice the worn out grindstones from the olive press being used as part of the the Old City Wall. Enjoy your day in the harbour !”
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Sonstiges Nachtleben
“On the west side of Chania harbor, the traveler can still visit Firkas fortress, still dominating a low hill and housing the modern Naval Museum of Crete. Firkas is a Turkish name and means division, as the fort housed the headquarters of the Turkish Division. Firkas is one of the most impressive Venetian fortresses. It was the main fortress of the Venetian town, built in a key position and protecting the harbor entrance. Outside the main gate, a strong iron ring (called kerkelos) was placed to which one end of the chain closing off the harbor mouth was attached. The other end was attached to the lighthouse. The fortress still has several underground tunnels, which were used for imprisoning the rebelling locals. At the fort of Firkas, the most glorious page of the modern Crete was written on 1 December 1913, when the Prime Minister of Greece, Eleftherios Venizelos, and the King if Greece, Constantine, raised the Greek flag after 800 years of slavery, sealing the Union of the autonomous Cretan State with Greece. Another event associated with Firkas was the removal of the Greek flag on 18 August 1908. The flag was raised by the Cretan deputies that declared unilateral union with Greece, taking advantage of domestic turmoil in Turkey, but this act was not recognized by the Great Powers. Thus the flag was removed by the “protectors” of the Cretan State, the Great Powers. Thus, Firkas became a holy symbol for the Cretans, the symbol of struggling for the liberation of the island. ”
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“A unique place for your coffee and your food in the heart of Old Port of Chania, exactly opposite the Light House.”
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“When in Chania not forget to visit the Museum of Ancient and Traditional Shipbuilding at the docks of the Venetian harbor, where you can see the representation of the Minoan ship "Minoa" of 16th-15th century BC,. The ship was launched in December 2003 and in 2004 made its maiden trip from Chania to Piraeus, accompanying the Olympic flame that was moved by the Athenian Trireme in the last part of the route, and boating events and celebrations of Naval Week. The ship belongs to the nearby Naval Museum. ”
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