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Supermercati Conad Capri S.R.L.

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June 29, 2016
Conad Superstore is the best supermarket in the area with a wide selection of local products, cheese, milk, vegetables, salami, meat, fishes, a corner with take-away food and bakery with fresh bread and pizza. It is near Aulla, at 9 km from our property.
December 29, 2015
One of the biggest supermarket in the area
November 20, 2017
Grande supermercato con reparto prodotti tipici

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“A walk around Pontremoli’s main square (Piazza della Repubblica) reveals you a stylish art nouveau café "Caffè degli Svizzeri" and "Antica Pasticceria degli Svizzeri" (next door). Stop for a coffee accompanied by an "àmor" pastry. The typical "àmor" is a pastry consisting of a creamy custard filling with a hint of lemon, between wafer biscuits. The àmor was brought to Pontremoli by the Swiss brothers who opened the Antica Pasticceria degli Svizzeri in 1842. It is said to be made from a secret recipe! ”
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“Here you can taste Panigacci: the specialty from our Lunigiana! Panigacci are made unleavened, and cooked in small terracotta pans and covered with other ones, have been superheated by a wood fire. You can eat Panigacci stuffed with cheese (Gorgonzola, Stracchino) and local salami or cooked as a pasta dish, with pesto (basil sauce) or mushrooms sauce.”
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“Alla Piazza di Sopra" restaurant, in the medieval village of Filetto, near Villafranca in Lunigiana, is known for its fine food from Lunigiana served with a modern twist, excellent service and warm welcome it gives to its customers. Some delicious dishes are "Cappelletti with radicchio, Gorgonzola & nuts", "Stuffed rabbit and mushrooms", "Pastry with a heart of white chocolate", you can find the high quality of locally-sourced ingredients. In addition dishes are adapted to work with ingredients in season with an interesting inclusion of fruit at times, such as ravioli served with pear and the flavour combinations worked perfectly. ”
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Theme Park
“The small town of Equi Terme a designated area of natural beauty surrounded by mountains features sulphurous thermal spring waters of exceptional medicinal properties, the existence of which was already known in ancient times. There is a delightful swimming pool beside the river, good restaurants and a health Spa. The healthy climate and untouched beauty of the surrounding area offer visitors the total immersion in nature. Equi Terme is also famous for the discovery of its palaeolithic findings and underground caves and Le Grottes tours. ”
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Sublocality Level 1
“The origins of the walled suburb of Fileto date back to the Byzantine defense against the Longobards, in the VI and VII centuries. The defensive system, the "limes" was based on the castra of Filetto and Filattiera. Indeed they have the same name origin: from the Greek term "filakterion", strengthened place. Filetto made part from the 1351 of the feud of Malgrate, in 1641 was sold to the Camera Reale of Milan and then to the Ariberti of Cremona. Through two monumental doors we enter the suburb. The Piazza di Sopra has a quadrilateral shape and was defended by four cylindrical towers, one of then still up. The first nucleus was then transformed into a strengthened residence with repeated interventions till the XVII century. In the other square rise the church of Saints Filippo and Giacomo and the Marquises Ariberti's Palace, an imponent seventeenth-century building connected to the suburb and the church by two elegant aerial passagges. On the other side of the square it is situated the Convent of the Frati Ospitalieri, a vast complex of the XVII century, with a beautiful inside cloister partly destroyed and rehandled. Just outside the southern door, we find the oratory of St. Genesio of the XVI century, in the mysterious wood of Filetto, where has been recovered numerous statue-stele. In August, Fileto host the Medieval Market, when the suburb goes back to the past with medieval decorations, jugglers, minstrels, acrobats and objects of the local craftsmanship in iron, wood and stone. ”
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