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Ferienunterkünfte in Shizuoka

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Erstklassig bewertete Ferienunterkünfte in Shizuoka

Gäste sind sich einig: Diese Unterkünfte werden aufgrund ihrer Lage, Sauberkeit und weiteren Aspekten hoch bewertet.

Kawasemi Cottage - Gästehaus auf historischem Anwesen
Gesamte Unterkunft: cottage · 4 Gäste · 4 Betten · 1 Badezimmer

Kawasemi Cottage - Gästehaus auf historischem AnwesenSet on an historic estate in the foothills of the southern Alps, Kawasemi Cottage offers privacy, rustic luxury and retro style in the tea farming village of Sasama. For those wishing to enjoy an authentic village experience amidst the beauty of rural Japan this could be the perfect chill out stop between Tokyo and Kyoto. Guests enjoy privileged access to the estate grounds on which is located a stunning manor house, dry landscape garden, ornamental fish pond and restored Inari shrine. 日本語→

”海の真ん前” ペットOK! 大型犬も可能です。1日1組一棟貸しで家族やグループおすすめ!!
Gesamte Unterkunft: wohnhaus · 4 Gäste · 1 Bett · 1 Badezimmer

”海の真ん前” ペットOK! 大型犬も可能です。1日1組一棟貸しで家族やグループおすすめ!!こちらは1日1組の一棟貸しの宿です。 海の目の前です。 大型犬もOK 全ての部屋にエアコンは完備されています。 BBQスペースは二つあります。(事前申告願います。) 大人4名まで宿泊可能。

[GoTo pausierte jetzt!] Ein ganzes altes Haus mit einem geschlossenen Ofen ist vermietet "Moonlight Misanso" (Grill im Garten fertig!)
Hütte · 10 Gäste · 2 Betten · 1,5 Bäder

[GoTo pausierte jetzt!] Ein ganzes altes Haus mit einem geschlossenen Ofen ist vermietet "Moonlight Misanso" (Grill im Garten fertig!)【暑い夏は庭でバーベキュー!】 月夜見山荘は、定員10名の古民家一棟貸の宿です。 所在地は、南アルプスの山々に囲まれた山梨県南巨摩郡早川町。 山荘は集落の高台にあり、正面には新緑や紅葉が美しい山が屏風のようにそびえ立ち、眼下には、谷からの風が吹き抜ける気持ち良い草原が広がります。縁側、離れの窓、そして庭から、この景色を一望できます。 山荘には、母屋と二つの個性的な離れがあります。母屋は、玄関を入ると土間があり、右手の薪ストーブ、正面の囲炉裏が出迎えてくれます。左手に、寝室と居間を兼ねた畳の間が4つ。キッチンもあり、ご自由にお使いいただけます。もちろん、囲炉裏でバーベキューをしていただくことも可能です(別途使用料が発生)。 離れは2つあり、共にベッドルームです。 1つは、この家にあった古い木箱と材木を壁に埋め込んだ、山小屋風の「記憶の小箱」。もう1つは、壁一面が本棚になった「ツクヨミ文庫」。山の暮らしにまつわる書籍を多数納め、またロフトもあり、ゆっくり読書するのに最適です。 そんな月夜見山荘で、大切な人たちと至福の時間をお過ごしいただけると幸いです。    

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Weitere tolle Ferienunterkünfte in Shizuoka

  1. Privatzimmer
  2. 静岡市駿河区
MOCHIMUNE Küstenblick! BBQ.SUP. Buddhist Minato Onsen zum Baden im Meer ist gleich um die Ecke von Romey
$64 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: wohnhaus
  2. Minami-Alps
Ein modernes japanisches traditionelles Haus mit einer Feuerstelle, in der du am Fuße der südlichen Alpen SoNaE einen Grill im Herdstil genießen kannst
$295 pro Nacht
  1. Privatzimmer
  2. Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi
coffee and stay MOMOYA tatami room with futon ①
$46 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: wohnhaus
  2. 富士市
Traditionelles japanisches Haus "Bougakuan"
$155 pro Nacht
  1. Gemeinsames Zimmer
  2. Aoi Ward, Shizuoka
Shizuoka, Gästehaus & Coffeeshop-Hitoyado
$33 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: wohnhaus
  2. Chūō
Renoviert im Jahr 2021! (50 % Rabatt für längere Aufenthalte)
$87 pro Nacht
  1. Hütte
  2. Minami-Alps
HiTaRe ist ein japanisches modernes altes Haus am Fuße der südlichen Alpen mit einer atemberaubenden Aussichtsplattform und einem großen Garten
$524 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: cottage
  2. Fujikawaguchiko, Minamitsuru District
Ð Die Tinderbox“ Früh im Haus, Spät im Haus erhältlich!!
$213 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: gästesuite
  2. Shizuoka
UWANOSORA Ferienunterkunft Shizuoka
$234 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: wohnhaus
  2. Shizuoka
Chiromin Village Resort # 13 Gehminuten vom Bahnhof Shizuoka # Funky Haus mit Zimmer-WC # Nur eine Gruppe pro Tag! # Langzeitaufenthalt erlaubt
$51 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: wohnhaus
  2. Fujinomiya
(Gebäude A) Sie können einen Grill im Grünen genießen. Ruhiger privater Raum. Haustiere erlaubt.
$189 pro Nacht
  1. Gesamte Unterkunft: wohnhaus
  2. Fujieda
Japan Charme & Tradition-Yui-Tal(leicht Tokio/Kyoto)
$122 pro Nacht

Erstklassig bewertete Aktivitäten in Shizuoka

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Magisches Soja: vegane japanische Gerichte
    The tofu/soybean curd and soy milk are magical ingredients that can replace many meat and egg dishes. They are economical, healthy and much less harming the environment and animals. In this experience, you can learn one of the following sets Tofu Teriyaki / Tofu steak, and Green Soybean Pudding. Vegan Mayonnaise, Vegan Scrambled Egg, and Vegan Egg Sandwich. Vegan Egg Roll ( sweet version), and Green Soybean Dip Vegan Unagi / Eel, and Miso Soup You can refer to the photos in the album to figure out what kind of dishes they are. If you are the one registered first, you can choose the menu you want to learn, but if you are not, the menu would have been already fixed. I'll send a list of ingredients and utensils a week before the experience. Please prepare the items written there if you are going to cook with me. But if you are not, you can watch my demonstration and try making it later at your convenience. A step by step full recipe will be sent to you after completing the experience. These dishes are also very useful for vegan sushi making. So check my another online experience "Japanese Vegan Sushi by Vegan Teacher" https://www.airbnb.com/experiences/1728883 On the day of experience, 1. We introduce each other 2. Go through the ingredients, the kitchen utensils and procedure. 5. Making tofu dish. 6. Q&A Message me if you have something to clarify or
    Ab Preis:$46/Person
  • Virtuelle Klettertour auf den Fuji – Englisch
    I, Mt Fuji guide will bring you to Virtual Mt Fuji climbing experience as an Mt Fuji Specialist. Log in to the Zoom room, there is a meeting point of Mt Fuji tour. Begin with a greeting and every participant's' self-introduction, we became a "Team" to Climb together. Take a bus toward Mt Fuji 5th station. On the way, I'll explain the concept of the virtual tour, our passion & mission, and How to fully enjoy this virtual tour, etc. After arriving at the 5th station, We share the screen of Mt Fuji photos which we took in these 2 years. I also show you this year's special 5th station photos and explain real present Mt Fuji. On the first day, We climb from the 5th station to the 8th station for 4 hours (10min=virtual). You'll see diverse alpine plants and dynamic Mt Fuji views. Stay over at the Mt hut, Then we start night climb heading to the summit. You can experience a hard climbing in the dark and unforgettable view of gradually getting brighter sky. Even though this is "Virtual", When you reach the summit, You'll be touched and see marvelous sunrise. We'll go the crater trekking via the highest point and see another world like view, which is normally difficult to do. In the end, straight climb down to the 5th station. Taking advantage of "Virtual", I'll show you a ​rare scene​ like "Shadow Fuji" and "Snowing summit" and views of different weathers. Other things to
    Ab Preis:$15/Person
  • Morgenspaziergang zur Küste mit Frühstück
    We will start walking from our B&B/Cafe near Izu-Kogen station with my dog at 6:30. We will pass charming shops, a nice Ice cream shop, museums, onsen to the river. Walk along with the river in the clean forest to a beautiful coastline. Explore suspension bridge, tidal pools, small waterfalls and take pictures with my guidance of very unique geographic history of the Izu-Peninsula. The coastline is very popular with scuba diving, rock climbing, fishing and hiking(longest 7 hours nature lord). Walk back to Cafe(B&B) and enjoy breakfast and/or coffee at cafe terrace with us. This experience includes about 75-90 min walk tour and breakfast, as total about 120-150 min. Other things to note The coastal guide is Volunteer activities You pay 1000 JPY(without Airbnb service fee) just for our very fine breakfast with nice coffee. If it is rain, pls enjoy breakfast and happy conversation at cafe terrace with us. (or postpone it)
    Ab Preis:$12/Person
  • Wir tanzen auf dem Teig: Ramen mit einer Köchin aus Japan
    Irasshaimase! A hearty Japanese welcome to my unique "dancing on the dough" on-line ramen experience -- the only cooking class on the internet that lets you burn off the calories before you put them back on with a hearty meal. No noodles? No problem! All you need is a bit of flour and a few other simple ingredients. Birthday? Anniversary? Book the private option and let’s party! It’s a great way to get together with distant friends and relatives. For private parties I can offer special options such as miso or sesame ramen, udon, or sushi. Feel free to inquire! Vegetarian and vegan options are available, so please let me know when you book. * First, we make marinated eggs for the topping. * Second, we make the dough for the ramen noodles from flour and water. * Third, we knead the dough — with feet, not hands! We dance on the dough! You’ll need clean feet, a clean floor and a sturdy plastic bag. Show me your best moves as we party to J-Pop and anime hits and create the softest, smoothest dough you've ever touched. * Fourth, we make a special soup for the ramen, using a secret recipe that I have created just for this online course. * Finally, we put it all together and sit down to a delicious bowl of piping hot ramen! "Itadakimasu” (Look it up!) IMPORTANT NOTE Each ticket pays for one person to cook. Each paying customer can cook one or two servings. Other things to note I will send you a more detailed list of all ingredients and equipment when you confirm your booking. It will speed things up if you make a few preparations: weigh out the flour, grate the garlic, chop the spring onions.
    Ab Preis:$26/Person
  • Private Tour mit dem E-Bike zum Fuji
    9:00 集合・送迎 9:15 バイクフィッティング・レクチャー 9:30 ツアースタート 10:00 富士浅間神社 参拝 11:00 洞窟探検・季節のフルーツ&ティー 12:00 ツアー終了・送迎 その他の留意事項 只今、開催日の前日19:00前後に予約開始する場合があります。 開催予定が無い日の予約はメッセージにてお問合せ下さい。
    Ab Preis:$137/Person

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