Lieblingsorte der Einheimischen

1. Tsukiji Market
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Laut Kanako “The Tsukiji Market (築地市場 Tsukiji shijō), supervised by the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Mark...” ·
2. Robot Restaurant
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Laut Yuni “You will experience a new world ~ It is so fantastic. Highly recommend!! You can have a ninner with ...” ·
3. Shinjuku Golden Gai
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Laut Naomi “a time-warped tumble of bars called Golden Gai. This perennial haunt of Tokyo’s salarymen has been g...” ·
4. Don Quijote Shinjuku Kabukichō
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Laut Rin “Food and alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, daily necessities, clothing, a recreation article, interior...” ·
5. Mutekiya
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Laut Hyun “Ikebukuro area is full of great ramen restaurants. Particularly well-known in this regard is Mutekiy...” ·
6. Tokyu Hands Shibuya
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Laut GrandTree “東急ハンズの中でも、最大級の規模を誇る渋谷店! 色々なユニークな商品があって、とても楽しいですよ! Tokyu hands ! This DIY and zakka (miscellaneous go...” ·
7. Ichiran Ramen
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Laut Ryo “Ichiran is a chain, but it is arguably the best one in Japan so it is worth mentioning here. The sec...” ·
8. Mimatsu
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Laut Atuko “Mimatsu / We provide rice, miso soup and set menu with small bowl to various Japanese main dishes. ...” ·
9. Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
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Laut Iyoko “Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art: Interesting thematic and special exhibitions. The building is desi...” ·
10. Tsurutontan Shinjuku つるとんたん 新宿店
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Laut Yuichi “Japanese style atmosphere is wonderful. Udon is very tasty and it is a famous shop that was introduc...” ·
11. Sengoku Buyuden
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Samurai House
Laut Samurai House “This dining bar was designed to resemble wartime Japan. They even have armor on display as part of t...”
12. Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto West Ikebukuro
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Laut Yuka “very spicy ''Tanmen' I like "Arctic ramen" which is the hardest level 10. The first person is recom...” ·
13. Kawaii Monster Cafe
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Laut Taka “「原宿カワイイ文化」を世界に発信するアートディレクター増田セバスチャンが手 掛けるコンセプトレストラン。 カフェのコンセプトを体現した「モンスターガー ル」が5人います。スイートな「BABY」、わがま...” ·
14. ダンシングクラブ東京
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Laut Noriyuki&Michiru “ナイフやフォークを使わずに手づかみで蟹や海老、貝などのシーフードを食べるスタイル!店内はとても賑やかなので、みんなでわいわい、楽しく、豪快にっ♪ Dancing Crab is a unique se...” ·
15. 麺屋 翔 本店
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Laut Ryo “This shop's specialty is Shio Ramen, a type of ramen that has a basic, lightly salted taste. You wil...”
16. 45R 京王新宿
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Laut Kanako “Keio department store stocks a wide range of Japanese cosmetic brands. Directly connected to Shinjuk...” ·
17. Nobunaga
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Laut Sayoko “焼き鳥店 17:00~翌1:00 夜10時以降入店可、日曜営業 Yakitori 17: 00 ~ 1:00 the next time It is possible to enter after 1...”
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Laut Ryo “Ramen Jiro is located in the Kabukicho district of Shinjuku. It'll take you about 4 minutes to get t...” ·
19. Ichiran Shibuya
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Ryuichi & Koharu
Laut Ryuichi & Koharu “とても有名な豚骨ラーメン屋さんです。 This is a must-eat Ramen. Its a chain so you can find other area too. You might h...”
20. AFURI Ebisu
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Thomas & Kalyn
Laut Thomas & Kalyn “AFURI ramen is different from ramen you’ve had elsewhere. It’s lighter, refreshing—even a little del...” ·
21. Ichiran Ikebukuro
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Laut Yoshihiro “The ramen here was simply amazing. The broth was so flavorful and the noodles were cooked to perfect...”
22. Harajuku Gyoza-ro
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Laut Taka “原宿にある、安さと美味さで評判の餃子店「原宿餃子楼」。焼き餃子、水餃子共に ニラとニンニクは有/無が選べ、オンオフを使い分けられるのがポイント。餃子は1 枚¥290、ライスがスープ付で¥180という安...” ·
23. Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum
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Laut Wang “Food lovers can rejoice at this unique museum dedicated to ramen. The museum is three floors, with t...” ·