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Best things to do in Lima

Historische Stätte
“One of my favourite restaurant to eat dinner and at the same time see the ruins. Try to be early! Go at night!”
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History Museum
“The most beautiful museum if you are interested in pre- Columbian cultures. The small garden is also very pretty and the restaurant very good. Normally open daily from 9am to 10pm (to be checked). Av. Simón Bolivar 1515, Pueblo Libre. Regular ticket PEN 30.”
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“Amazing local and international contemporary artists show their work here, a must see.”
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“Mario Testino is one of Peru's most famous star photographer. You can find a great collection of his work at MATE museum. MA= Mario; TE= Testino ;)”
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“Further away, this museum is in the city center of Lima. It regularly offers a temporary exhibition on the ground floor and permanently exhibits upstairs Peruvian works, from the pre-Columbian period to the colonial period. It is located in a beautiful garden with some Art Deco elements.”
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“Century-old mansion offering guided tours of colonial Peruvian artworks, gardens & grounds.”
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History Museum
“Museum where you can see metalic pieces such as cuttlery, collars, war tools, masks and mummies belonging to the Incas empire. Schedule : Monday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm Ticket : Around 33 soles ”
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“Cozy little coffee shop that I go to with my best friend. It is located in such a beautiful place. When you first walk in, it's a quaint little boutique. The cafe is located at the back. If you're lucky you might catch a live Jazz band at night! ”
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“nice walk area with a pergola, were some cultural events take place on weekends ideal for jogging, exercising, yoga practice on the natural greenery ”
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Historische Stätte
“"Wak'a Wallamarka is an archaeological site and museum in Perú. Open: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 am to 5;00pm Phone #: 222-4124 Plan your visit: usually takes one hour and a half."”
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History Museum
“If you wanna know more about our beautiful peruvian history, this is a great place to go. A enchanted museum that keeps the secret of peruvian pre-Columbian cultures inside !!!”
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“Interesting Tour of the Catacombs of the San Francisco Church Monday - Sunday: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm General Admission S/. 7.00 ”
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History Museum
“Este museo cuenta toda la historia del Perú desde la Edad de Piedra hasta el Siglo XXI. Encontrarás interesantes piezas arqueológicas en una casona en la que se dice que el libertador José de San Martín fue su ilustre huésped. ----------------- This museum shows the whole history of Peru from Stone Age to XXI century. You will find interesting archeological pieces in a house where the liberator Jose de San Martin has been its guest.”
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“nice little art galleries and a very nice quite and confortable library. Most in spanish, good wifi.”
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“Imperdible si van al Callao es la visita a la Fortaleza del Real Felipe construida por los conquistadores españoles para defender el puerto natural de piratas, bucaneros y enemigos que venían escondidos por la isla San Lorenzo esperando el momento propicio para el saqueo. Luego se fue utilizado en la época de la Independencia y la República como cuartel militar. Ahora es un museo que se debe visitar.”
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“This museum showcases the conflict between the Peruvian government and terrorist groups between 1980 and 2000. ”
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