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Stairs inside the house
Stairs inside the house
  • View from the Yoga-Terrasse above the house
  • The house (all tree parts belong to the booking)
  • View from the balcony
  • Big terrasse
  • Drinking a Whisky or una Grappa next to the fire place
  • Kitchen
  • Livingroom
  • Out of a bedroom
  • Bedroom downstairs
  • Lounge on the 3rd floor
  • Stairs inside the house
  • Entrance
  • Outside stairs
  • View to the Swiss mountains on the East-Side.
  • small bathroom on the 2nd floor
  • the top of all six terrasses
  • Stairs to one of the higher terrasses
  • Cool place in the shadow
  • Details of the lovely designed landhouse
  • Fireplace
  • Morningsun in the living-room
  • Separate bathroom in the Basement next to the Bedroom (upstairs there is an other one)
  • One of the 3 toiltes
  • The Village is a middle aged calm place
  • The house from below (all three parts belong to the booking)
  • Italian Lunch on the terrasse, we call it "Tavolata"
  • Sunset from the Terrasse
  • "Basilico" as in every garden in Italy
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Stairs inside the house