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BA Rutgers/Comp Lit; MA New York University/English Education; Professional Diploma/Fordham University/School Administration & Supervision
English, Français
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Hi, ich bin Lynnie!

Please read reviews before June 2014. I did not know that this practice was illegal, although as I fixed my place up & was able to charge more, I admit I began to wonder, "Can this be legal? How?" It wasn't. I have Rent Stabilization, a form of subsidy from the city. At least half of NYC's apts. are subsidized in some way. My landlord called on 5/30/14 & told me I had to stop. That explains the many cancellations. Airbnb is trying to work w/the city to allow some amount of short term sharing. if you are reading this, then new agreements are in place.

I am a retired educator & adventuress! I come from an artistic, political, family, and am still very active! During this life, I have endeavored to fulfill many answers to the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" which I was asked as a child. One of my dreams was to be the proprietor of a B & B! I love hosting for Airbnb, and now you know why I go through all that trouble to provide food! this is not a business for me; it's the fulfillment of yet another childhood dream! Meeting so many wonderful people, most of whom would not get to see New York City otherwise! It is so nice to see them all so happy! This is why I offer breakfast for free. Despite the original oil paintings, designer-furniture, and real antiques, mostly it feels like home. The many years I've lived here enables me to offer a larger apartment than can many others. My neighborhood has done nothing but improve since the day I moved in, so now it's quite fashionable. My block is considered the most beautiful in midtown.

By the way, the paint job so many of you asked for is done! The apartment looks so beautiful. Books & tchotchkes are up, except pictures office/second bedroom -- still working on that! I just want to say one more time, how much I continue to love my guests, and how I hope this lifestyle for travel will continue! Hotels have not kept up! Their offerings are cramped, duplicated identically, filled with "mystery charges" and grandiosely overpriced. When you stay in my apartment you stay as my friend, coffee, teas, croissants, jams, Nutella, H&H bagels, pumpkin flax granola, dried fruit & nuts, milk, 1/2 'n 1/2, fresh fruit , orange juice, juice oranges, and all the rest!

Despite my charge (no longer small) you save money. Example: you are a family of 5 with 3 teenagers: it is the last time you'll ever travel as a family. If you stay in a hotel, you'll need 2 rooms. If you stay with me, you have your own room, your kids have theirs, the 5th sleeps in my huge living room on a Maurice Villency coach/twin bed. You fill up on coffee & breakfast, say cereal for your kids, croissants for you. You bike up to a Natural History museum through Central Park, stopping to pick up Discount Tickets at Lincoln Center. Can you fit more sightseeing? Yes? Shopping? You come home, nap, purchasing some cold cuts. You have supper with my bagels, then walk to see the show at Lincoln Center. And walk home. Next day, bike to Battery Park around Manhattan using Hudson River bike paths to Ground Zero. Wall Street. Indian museum. Bike up tenth to get home quickly. Rest. Eat at home. Walk to theater. Next day, do your 5th Avenue walk. Walk across Central Park South. Look at Plaza, Sherry Netherlands, Pierre Hotels, check out Bergdorf's, Tiffanies. Harry Winston, deBeers jewelry, Apple Store, 3 churches (Presbyterian, Anglican & St. Patrick's cathedral), more hotels-the St. Regis (a must), the Peninsula, more stores, Saks Fifth Ave & Lord & Taylor. Walk back uo to Rockefeller Center and home past Radio city. BUY NOTHING! Nap. Go shopping at TJ Maxx or Century 21. Fancy dinner at Columbus Circle. Walk all day. As you can see, what with everything near me, you can do twice as much in one day. Another - go to Metropolitan Museum of Art ( can bike) then to Neuee Gallery. Home. Nap. Lunch. Relax. Walk to TcktsTckts. Check out Times Squqre. Go home; bagel supper, then see Broadway show, Times Square at night. Walk home. It's a great place to stay. Plenty of rest stops. Seconds to your nighttime destination.

It would take me a year to get that much done!!!!