Die besten Museen in Willamette Valley

Lieblingsorte der Einheimischen

1945 Southeast Water Avenue
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Laut Naomi “Great for families! And, great for a Portland date night. OMSI After Dark Nights at the museum for ...” ·
2. Portland Art Museum
1219 Southwest Park Avenue
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Laut Naomi “As an east-coaster who had access to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other places with vast art c...” ·
3. Pittock Mansion
3229 Northwest Pittock Drive
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Laut Stephen “Built in 1914, Pittock Mansion tells the story of Portland’s transformation from pioneer town to mod...” ·
4. Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum
500 Northeast Captain Michael King Smith Way
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Jim & Kris
Laut Jim & Kris “Howard Hughes's ginormous Spruce Goose is housed here, along with dozens of fighter jets, bombers, v...” ·
5. Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art
1430 Johnson Lane
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Laut Christopher “The University of Oregon’s art museum opened its doors to the public in 1933. Designed by Ellis F. L...” ·
6. Oregon Historical Society
1200 Southwest Park Avenue
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Marnie & Kim
Laut Marnie & Kim “Rotating exhibits give insight into state history, art & more in building with 8-story-high murals.”
7. Museum of Natural and Cultural History
1680 East 15th Avenue
32Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Sage “This little spot is a wonderful and special place to visit. The building is gorgeous and the museum ...” ·
8. Historic Carousel & Museum
503 W 1st Ave
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Laut John “Open Wednesday through Sunday, year round (Saturday stays open later). After 15 years of hand crafti...” ·
9. Willamette Heritage Center
1313 Mill St SE
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Laut Susan “Amazing historic location of old textile mill complete with full mill tour and beautiful grounds! Th...” ·
10. Portland Children's Museum
4015 Southwest Canyon Road
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Laut Naomi “A great spot for families with young children up through elementary school. Lots of hands-on activi...” ·
11. Oregon Historical Society Museum
1200 SW Park Ave
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Bill And Gretchen
Laut Bill And Gretchen “The Oregon Historical Society is an organization that encourages and promotes the study and understa...” ·
12. Science Factory
2300 Leo Harris Parkway
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Laut Julia “Planetarium is a great place for adventure on a rainy day. Kid-focused, but something for the grown...” ·
13. Hallie Ford Museum of Art
700 State Street
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Laut Karen “Nationally renowned artists. Outstanding gallery curated by Willamette University professors and sta...” ·
14. OMSI Science Store
1945 Southeast Water Avenue
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Aimee & Shawn
Laut Aimee & Shawn “OMSI - stands for Oregon Museum for Science and Industry Great for kids from ages 2-early teenagers....” ·
15. Frank Lloyd Wright Gordon House
869 West Main Street
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Laut Eadie “The only Frank Lloyd Wright house in Oregon, small but unique to his style, moved to the present sig...”
16. Gilbert House Children's Museum
116 Marion Street Northeast
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Chuck & Lorie
Laut Chuck & Lorie “Founded in 1989, Gilbert House Children’s Museum is named after Salem native, A.C. Gilbert. Gilbert ...” ·
17. Deepwood Museum & Gardens
1116 Mission Street Southeast
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Laut Sarah “Deepwood is unique in that the volunteer-maintained gardens range from forest paths to flower beds t...” ·
18. The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium and Museum
2234 Northwest Thurman Street
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Laut Peter “The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium is an oddities museum, art gallery, ice cream parlor ... this freaky-b...” ·
19. Oregon Rail Heritage Center
2250 Southeast Water Avenue
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Laut Hillary “This working enginehouse houses the three steam locomotives owned by the city of Portland, including...” ·
20. Bush House Museum
600 Mission St SE
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Laut Sarah “An elegant look at century furnishings, not too expensive. (not open all days -- check first.)”
21. World Forestry Center: World Forest Institute and Discovery Museum
4033 Southwest Canyon Road
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Laut David “Just a mile from my house, this is just one of several attractions situated immediately around the W...” ·
22. Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks & Minerals
26385 Northwest Groveland Drive
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Laut Felicia “A relatively unknown gem itself, the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks & Minerals is a ranch-style hous...” ·
23. County of Benton: Benton County Historical Society & Museum
1101 Main St
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Laut Bobbi “Once the site of a pioneer-established college, now a history museum with a rotating display of loca...”
24. Lane County Historical Museum
740 West 13th Avenue
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Laut Ted “Lots photos and artifacts focused on local history, rotating exhibits. Saw a great exhibit on the ri...”
25. Rose Garden parking
400 SW Kingston Ave
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Laut Rachel “You can see most of Portland from the view points at the Rose Gardens. I could spend hours there as ...” ·
26. Harvey Creek Trail
191 NW Viewmont Dr
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Laut Jeanne “A scenic trail nestled in between a residential neighborhood, vineyards and creek bed.”