Die besten Museen in Veliko Tarnovo

Lieblingsorte der Einheimischen

1. Hadji Nikoli Inn
19 ul. "Georgi S. Rakovski"
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Laut Hristo “Romantic restaurant right in the city center with a small garden. The food there is amazing. Try the...” ·
2. Музей „Възраждане и Учредително събрание”
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Laut Lazar “Museum connected with the signing of our first Great constitution. Main sight-seeing site to get to ...”
3. Църква "Св.св Петър и Павел"
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Laut Dimitar “Saints Peter and Paul's Church is 800 years old. There are preserved icons form 13th century.”
4. Музей "Къщата с маймунката"
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Laut Georgi “The museum "The house with the monkey" is a very popular touristic place.” ·