Sonstige Empfehlungen zu Grundausstattung in Tiflis

Lieblingsorte der Einheimischen

1. Sulphur Public Bath House
18 Ioseb Grishashvili St
3Empfehlungen vor Ort
Siesta Hotel
Laut Siesta Hotel “Historic bathhouses with pools of hot, sulfur-rich water, with optional private rooms & massage.” ·
2. Gulo's Thermal Spa - Gulo's Abano
2Empfehlungen vor Ort
Eka & Jannik
Laut Eka & Jannik “During your stay in Tbilisi, it's A MUST to go to one of the famous sulfur baths. We personally reco...” ·
3. TBC Bank Service Centre
13 Shota Rustaveli Ave
2Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Diana “For financial services 24 hour ” ·
4. Vake Swimming Pool
49b Ilia Chavchavadze Ave
5Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Rusudan “A nice swimming pool to relax and get suntanned. ” ·
5. Chreli Abano
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Gregory “”
6. Snap Fitness
29 Ilia Chavchavadze Ave
3Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Marina “Fitness centre opened late 2016. Very well equipped. Friendly, professional stuff ready to give you ...” ·
7. Tbilisi Balneological Resort
2Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Giorgi “Tbilisi Balneological Resort- I advise everybody to pass a treatment in this resort if even you don'...” ·
8. Sports Palace
3Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Kobe “Do not miss any sport, music or art events in the Sports Palace of Tbilisi” ·
9. Yoga Cave
72 Tsinamdzgvrishvili Street
3Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Eka “Yoga Studio, in which I lead classes. You are most welcome there, just please ask me about the timet...” ·
10. OkTopUs Fitness Club • ოკტოპუს ფიტნეს კლუბი
2Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Lia “Great fitness club in less than 5 minute walking distance” ·
11. Lotus Aesthetic Medical Center
11 A.Apakidze Street
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Keso “If you want to rest, swim, exercize . . .:)”
12. Snap Fitness
24 Alexander Kazbegi Ave
2Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Zviad “very good 24 hour gym right near the property” ·
13. Podium at Galleria Tbilisi
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Tea “you can find here everything ”
14. M Clinic ( Maria Chelidze dental center )
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Maria “dental care if it will be necessary for your stay in Tbilisi +995 593 66 8686”
15. TBC Bank Branch
41 Irakli Abashidze Street
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Mariam “Good place to withdraw and/or exchange money, right across the street from the building of my apartm...”
16. TSRE
17-19 Mtskheta St
3Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Nicos “High quality gym, lot of foreigners go there. They have professional trainers and a very clean space...” ·
17. PSP Pharmacy N128
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Tamuna “Pharmacy - 20 meters”
18. TBC Bank Branch
32 Sulkhan Tsintsadze St
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
19. Camora Tattoo and Barber Shop
6-40 Vaso Abashidze Street
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Natali “Old-school barber shop in Tbilisi. Get it in a right way! Shaving, barbering, grooming, styling, all...”
20. Central Republican Hospital
29 Vazha Pshavela Ave
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Zviad “biggest central hospital in Tbilisi, just 6 minutes walk from the property”