Sonstige Empfehlungen zu Verkehrsmittel in Singapur

Lieblingsorte der Einheimischen

1. Singapore Changi Airport
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Uzer Danial
Laut Uzer Danial “If you are craving for something to eat at night, Changi Airport still may have places open for you ...” ·
2. 12cycle
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Laut Matt “Rent a bike and go for a ride in East Coast Park, there are also lots more rental shops in the park.”
3. SPC Killiney
132 Killiney Rd
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Laut Penelope “This is the local petrol station that also has a small convenience store, ATM machine, kiosk, ice se...” ·
4. Caltex East Coast
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Laut Shanna “There is a 24 hr convenience store to buy your necessities such as milk, bread and eggs.”
5. Esso Mountbatten Road
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Laut Julia “Gas Station with 24hrs convenient store” ·
6. Esso Geylang Lorong 38
638 Geylang Rd
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Laut Phoebe “There is a Cheer Store which operate 24 hour, if the store don't not have what you need, you may pro...”
7. Shell Bedok
331 Bedok Road
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Laut Kit “Petrol Kiosk with 24 hrs Convenient Store” ·
8. Esso
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Laut Clo “Gas station featuring 24/24 grocery store Cheers for basic needs (bread, water,milk, chips...)”
9. SPC Mountbatten
710 Mountbatten Rd
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Kong Wee
Laut Kong Wee “Convenience store at petrol station will have most basic items. You can also try some of the local s...”
10. Changi Airport
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Laut Kelvin “Changi Airport”
11. Shell Station - Serangoon
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Laut Paul “Gas station ”