Sonstige Empfehlungen zu Verkehrsmittel in Seattle

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1. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
17801 International Blvd
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Tani Rae
Laut Tani Rae “It's the fastest way in and out of the city. You can take ground transportation from their directly ...” ·
2. The Center for Wooden Boats
1010 Valley St
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Laut Tom “Hands-on maritime museum in South Lake Union. Rent classic boat, or watch the kids play in the boat...” ·
3. Gregg's Greenlake Cycle
7007 Woodlawn Ave NE
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Laut Jil “One of the better bike shops in Seattle. Multi-day bicycle rentals and retail store (new-bike sales,...” ·
4. The Electric Boat Company
2046 Westlake Ave N
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Laut Blair “Awesome! Take out 10 people and explore the lake. 2 hour self guided water tour.” ·
5. Greenlake Boathouse
7351 East Green Lake Dr N
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Laut Matthew “Rent canoes, paddle boats, paddle boards and get some coffee all in one spot!” ·
6. Montlake Bicycle Shop
2223 24th Ave E
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Laut Paul “Rent a bicycle & ride through the Arboretum on Lake Washington Blvd or cross Montlake Bridge to UW c...” ·
7. Kenmore Air
950 Westlake Ave N
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Laut Chasten “Take off and land in Lake Union just blocks from the Penthouse! Whether it's a quick tour of the Cit...” ·
8. Clipper Vacations
2701 Alaskan Way
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Seattle Oasis
Laut Seattle Oasis “Easy way to visit Victoria for either getting to Seattle or a great day trip!” ·
9. Ballard Bike Co Seattle
4905 Leary Ave NW
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Laut Shawn “I love these European-style bikes. They're comfy and cool and yes, you can rent them.” ·
10. Edmonds Marina Board Walk
Edmonds Marina Board Walk
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11. Bike Works Seattle
3709 S Ferdinand St
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Laut Joel “The only non-profit bike shop in town. They have pretty much everything you need if you're riding y...”
12. Ferry Dock
Ferry Dock
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Laut Siena “Feel the bay breeze on your face as you sail for 35 minutes to Bainbridge Island on a Washington Sta...” ·
13. Paine Field
3220 100th St SW
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14. Boeing Field
7277 Perimeter Rd S
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Laut Pina “Boeing Field & the Flight Museum: located in the trendy, artists' sanctuary of Georgetown. Unbeknown...” ·