Sonstige Empfehlungen zu Verkehrsmittel in San José

Lieblingsorte der Einheimischen

1. Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport
1701 Airport Boulevard
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Laut Kelly “Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport is a city-owned public airport in San José, Santa Cl...” ·
2. Reid-Hillview Airport
2500 Cunningham Avenue
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Laut Doug “If you usethe local small airport you'll be staying just a few blocks away. http://www.countyairport...” ·
3. Summit Bicycles
111 East Main Street
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Laut Danielle “Well equipped bicycle shop that offers bike's for rent. Near by trails include the Jones trail for m...” ·
4. Rotten Robbie
1045 Saratoga Avenue
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Laut Cam “This is my gas station of choice. It is right around the corner. It has clean bathrooms for a gas st...” ·
5. 7-Eleven
452 East Santa Clara Street
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Laut Tim “About a block away from the apartment, 7-Eleven is great for some quick buys.”
6. Sports Basement Campbell
1875 South Bascom Avenue
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Laut Randi “Love this store! I do yoga here every Sunday and buy all of my camping, biking, yoga, athletic neces...” ·
7. REI
400 El Paseo de Saratoga
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Laut Carolyn “Gear, outerwear, sporting goods.” ·
8. Chevron
404 Saratoga Ave
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Laut Sunny “The closest gas station” ·
9. La Dolce Velo Bicycle Shop
1280 The Alameda
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Laut Susan “Bike Store and just outside there are bike rentals.” ·
10. Chevron
3740 El Camino Real
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Laut Fei “gas station with decent price”
11. ARCO
3595 Benton Street
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Laut Stuart “Convenient gas. 7-11 also in this parking lot.” ·
12. Any Mountain- San Jose
1600 Saratoga Avenue
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Laut M “A couple of blocks away is this half renovated mall with Starbucks, a 2 story Target, Nordstrom Rack...”
13. Rotten Robbie
1061 Lincoln Avenue
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Laut Stacey “Closest gas station that is also the cheapest” ·
14. Shell
2510 Alum Rock Ave
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Laut Nabita “Convenient Gas Station with car-wash, right off of 680, 4 mins”
15. Chevron Los Gatos
200 Saratoga Los Gatos Road
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Mark & Wendy
Laut Mark & Wendy “Make sure to have gas in your tank before coming up. ”
16. Tread
710 East McGlincy Lane
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Laut Anny “Bicycle Rental We have a selection of cruisers available 7 speed for $20.00 per day, and $40 over n...” ·
17. Mike's Bikes of San Jose
1180 Lincoln Avenue
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Laut Mark “A brand new and beautiful bicycle store” ·
18. Costco Wholesale
1709 Automation Pkwy
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John Michael
Laut John Michael “What cant you get at Costco? I go here for pizzas, toilet paper and everything in between. It's the...”
19. Shell
2180 Monterey St
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Laut Savita “For quick snacks or gas, this place is open 24hrs”
20. 76
2025 El Camino Real
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Laut C. “This is the closest gas station to the house.”
21. ARCO
1697 S Wolfe Rd
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Laut Paula “Gas station & liquor store, 1 block distance.”
22. Sunny Oaks Valero
2855 Winchester Boulevard
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Laut Geoff “Gas station, close to our home, usually has the cheapest prices around, open early and late.” ·