Die besten Nachbarschaften in Rom

Lieblingsorte der Einheimischen

1. Trastevere
219Empfehlungen vor Ort
Davide Enrico
Laut Davide Enrico “After an early morning at the Centro Storico's colourful Campo de' Fiori market, stroll three minute...” ·
2. Rome
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Laut Mike “Main Hub for flights to and from Italy, this is where we usually fly into. This is a major city wit...” ·
3. San Giovanni
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Laut Alessandro “I was born in this neighborhood, a place full of life, places to go and to eat and a great starting ...” ·
4. Aventine Hill
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Laut Davide “Wonderful churches and monasteries, some of the most beautiful gardens in Rome, stunning views of th...” ·
5. Flaminio
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Laut Aldos “Subway Metro Underground LINEA A” ·
6. EUR
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Laut Emanuele “There is a neighborhood of Rome immediately recognizable for its unique architectural style. The EUR...” ·
7. Quadraro
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Laut Maria “The Street Art, The Aqueduct Park, Cinecittà, The Tuscolana Shopping Street”
8. Trastevere
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Maria Carla
Laut Maria Carla “Cinema with good selection of movies” ·
9. Roma Nomentana
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Laut Dino “Nomentana Railway station connection with Fiumicino Airport” ·
10. Giustiniana
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11. Cornelia
36 Circonvallazione Cornelia
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Gian Piero
Laut Gian Piero “Another subway station From downstair the building you can get bus 889 and get off at Cornelia (11...”
12. Viale dell'Acquedotto Alessandrino
Viale dell'Acquedotto Alessandrino
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Giuseppina & Eleonora
Laut Giuseppina & Eleonora “Aqua Alexandrina The aqueduct was constructed in AD 226 . It was built under the reign of Emperor Al...”
13. Rome
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Nigel & Gary
Laut Nigel & Gary “Why not start / finish your trip to Italy in Rome. A lovely drive through the mountains to Montedino...” ·
14. Ostiense
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Francesco & Gianni
Laut Francesco & Gianni “A traditional and colourful area full of restaurants and bars where you can savour the taste of an a...” ·
15. Cecchignola
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16. Porta Di Roma
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Laut Patrizia “Very big Commercial center, cinemas, shopping, ikea, decathlon etc...”
17. Saxa Rubra
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