Die besten Nachbarschaften in Rochester

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1. Highland Park
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Alan & Kelly
Laut Alan & Kelly “This gorgeous park is home to Rochester's famous Lilac Festival. Highland Park covers over 155 acres...” ·
2. High Falls
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Laut Adam “The High Falls are one of three voluminous waterfalls on the Genesee River, that flow through the ci...” ·
3. Park Avenue
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Laut Stephanie “One of Rochester's best-known neighborhoods for strolling and shopping in an urban environment. Trav...” ·
4. South Wedge
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Laut Jenn “The area also has many small green spaces, nifty old buildings, and is in walking distance to Highla...” ·
5. Charlotte
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Laut Jim&Kathy “Stop at Charlotte beach on Lake Ontario and walk out on the pier along the Genesee River.”