Die besten Nachbarschaften in Puerto Rico

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1. Viejo San Juan
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Laut Magda “Old San Juan is one of the most beautiful places Puerto Rico got to offer. Builded by the Spaniards ...” ·
2. El Morro
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Laut Meg “Castillo San Felipe del Morro, (El Morro) sits atop a high promontory overlooking the entrance to th...” ·
3. Condado
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Laut Gloria “Condado is a modern neighborhood, site of Puerto Rico's main tourist area. Urban and walkable, nigh...” ·
4. Campamento Piñones
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Laut Jim “Pinones has some of the best beaches on island. All along route 187 are restaurants and beaches. S...” ·
5. Las Croabas
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Laut Myrna “Take a kayaking or boat tour on the Bioluminescent Bay one evening to see the sparkling water. There...” ·
6. Joyuda
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Laut Javier “Wonderful local restaurant with great seafood meals at a low cost. They also have a large woden Deck...” ·
7. Ocean Park
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Laut Pea “Beach can get pretty crowded on the weekends. When you're done, hit up Peruvian cuisine at La Chola ...” ·
8. San Cristóbal
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Laurie & Kyle
Laut Laurie & Kyle “Impressive labyrinth of a Spanish fort built in the 1700s. Beautiful views of Old San Juan and the o...”
9. Ballajá
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Laut Rebecca “art, art, art...on the second floor and pretty impressive architecture. This building was a hospita...” ·
10. Malecon de Naguabo
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Laut Lynne “Lots of great places on the water..... it doesn't show up listed here but if you look for El Almendr...” ·
11. Playa Azul
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Laut Elise “This large sandy beach has gentle waves but gets busy on weekends and holidays.”
12. Junglequí
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Laut Oscar “This is a relatively new ecopark. It offers 7 ziplines, hiking, and more natural pools to dive into!...” ·
13. El Combate
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Laut Omar “Locals travel from San Juan to come to this area to enjoy a beautiful and popular beach. It's a gre...” ·
14. Baños de Coamo
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Laut Damian “This is Puerto Rico natural thermal baths! a must see.. its hot so be ready!! this is what Ponce de...” ·
15. Miramar
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Laut Richard “Easy to reach on the M3 bus - Miramar has a small historic district overlooking the Condado Lagoon. ...”
16. Porta Coeli
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Laut Ron “Catholic Church History, one of the most old chapel structures in the west region of the island. A...” ·
17. La Perla
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Jose & Frances
Laut Jose & Frances “Somewhat of an unsafe slome in Old San Juan. Do not visit at night (unless looking for some illegal ...” ·
18. Isabel Segunda
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Pete & Laura
Laut Pete & Laura “Vieques' main town. Check out the local shops and the beautiful town square. ”
19. La Planta
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Laut Erin “This is a waterfall next to a defunct electrical plant. Mostly locals go to this site. My son has a...”
20. Hacienda Lealtad
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Laut Rosario “La hacienda La Lealtad, también conocida como La Paragua, es una antigua hacienda cafetalera ubicada...”