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History Museum

National Museum of Mongolia

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January 08, 2019
The National Museum of Mongolia (Mongolian: Монголын үндэсний түүхийн музей); formerly the National Museum of Mongolian History is located in Ulaanbaatar. This museum is a cultural, scientific, and educational organization, which is responsible for the collection, conservation and interpretation of…
August 02, 2018
You can get all the information related to the country of Mongolia.
June 30, 2018
National Museum of Mongolian History
May 15, 2018
National history museum
March 16, 2018
the museum can offer you every bit of history of mongolia

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“You can buy Mongolian souvenir, clothes and food. Also you can eat your meals and go to the coffee shop.”
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Opera House
“Famous operas and ballets play at the State Opera Ballet Theatre by cheapest price around 10-15$.”
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“In July 1921, in the centre of Ulan-Bator, the ”hero of the revolution” Damdin Sukhbaatar declared the independence of Mongolia from China. Then his name was given to the square, Sukhbaatar Square.”
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“The Fine Arts G. Zanabazar Museum was founded in 1966. The museum is renowned for the works of G. Zanabazar (1635-1724), which include the statues of Sita Tara, the Five Dhayani Buddhas and the Bodhi Stupa. The Fine Arts Museum was named after Gombodorjiin Zanabazar in 1995. It has 12 exhibition galleries covering the arts from ancient civilizations up to the beginning of the 20th Century. Initially opened with over 300 exhibits, the Museum rapidly enriched the number of its objects, with the modern arts becoming a separate division in 1989 as an Arts Gallery.”
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History Museum
“this museum is not fully restorated yet. but you can go and visit and see some of the tyrannosaurus. ”
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Juulchin Street -1
Ulaanbaatar, 210646
Telefonnummer7011 0911
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