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The Valley of the Butterflies

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February 18, 2017
Weil sich dort Tausende Schmetterlinge versammeln. Im Park ist es angenehm kühl. Man kann dort schön spazieren gehen.
October 11, 2020
It’s located in the North of the island, between the villages of Paradisi and Theologos. Between June and September, you can observe hundreds of butterflies literally covering all the trees, as the valley’s climate and environment is perfect for their reproduction. The valley is one of Europe’s best…
January 19, 2020
“Panacea Quadripunctaria” the Latin name of that butterfly! Please stay quiet during the walk in the valley 😌 Butterflies are resting 🦋 P.S:visit monastery on top of the valley and enjoy the extra ordinary view 🌲
June 27, 2019
It's located 25 kilometers from the city of Rhodes near the area of Kalamonas. It is in this rare habitat that the butterfly Panaxia Quadripunctaria makes its appearance from mid June to mid September
May 17, 2019
Thousand of butterflies (from July until end of August). Keep quiet as they are disturbed. Wait until you see them fly.

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Historische Stätte
“ Overlooking the city from the west and situated on the city’s highest point is the Acropolis of Rhodes, which unlike other ancient acropoleis was not fortified. The monuments date from the Hellenistic and late Hellenistic periods (3rd to 2nd centuries BC) and include sanctuaries, public buildings, temples and underground places of worship. The layout of the ancient acropolis first came to light with excavations carried out by the Italian School of Archaeology at Athens during the Italian occupation of the island (1912-1943). Further discoveries have since been made on archaeological digs under the auspices of the Greek Archaeological Service, which have provided important information on the site’s history and topography. Today these excavations continue over an area of 3 acres with the aim of uncovering the whole site of the acropolis of the splendid ancient city of Rhodes. Preserved within the beautifully landscaped and verdant archaeological park is the Hellenistic stadium from the 3rd century BC. Here athletic competitions were staged as part of the Haleion Games, an important celebration held by the ancient Rhodians in honour of the god Helios. Right next to the stadium is the small restored marble theatre, where in antiquity and today musical performances are given. In a dominant position at the summit of the hill is the Temple of Pythian Apollo, the city’s guardian. Reconstruction of the temple was begun by the Italians and then continued by the Greek Archaeological Service after the end of World War II to repair the damage caused by bombs and the weight of artillery emplaced there. Further restoration work was started in 1996. In the centre of the extensive Rhodian necropolis are the tombs of Saint John (oi tafoi tou Agiou Ioannou). The most important of these are the large corner funerary complex with tombs featuring vaulted masonry tombs, the cluster of yet more tombs of vaulted stonework crowned by a monument with triglyphs and metopes and the tomb carved into the rock that includes a monumental gateway. Of greatest interest is the underground quarry where burial chambers were dug into the sides of the tunnels.”
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Historische Stätte
“Die Aussicht ist wunderschön, oft kann man das Kreuz hinaufgehen und noch höher schauen. Die Aussicht von dem Kloster aus geht Richtung Rhodos Stadt. Die vielen Pfauen die dort leben, lassen nur auf ein tolles Foto hoffen. ”
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Point of Interest
“It is Located 2 kilometers northwest of the Village Kritinia and 55 kilometers from the city of Rhodes. It is a blend of Byzantine and Medieval style that is known as Kastelli.”
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“Traditional Greek restaurant, it offers Greek cuisine of quality in a warm and family atmosphere.”
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“The Old Town itself with the Palace and the little streets it’s very important monument and hope you will enjoy romantic walks inside the Medieval walls.”
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