Ratu Boko

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Ara & Bukit Vista Hosts
Ara & Bukit Vista Hosts
April 30, 2020
Beautiful ancient and religious place. There is a temple, building ruins, and small cave.
November 4, 2021
Perfect for sunset spot, located on top of the hill
December 28, 2019
Ratu Boko Temple is a magnificent palace complex built in the 8th century. The most magnificent building in its era was built by a relative of the founder of Borobudur
December 31, 2019
The ruins of Raty Boka temple. Ruins for some reason always inspire my imagination - what was there, and what we see now, remnants of a culture long gone - this is not a busy place, chances are you can pretty much wander around by yourself.
Ali Akbar
Ali Akbar
December 23, 2019
Heritage of Indonesia

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“Selain pantai yang beragam, di Jogja juga banyak terdapat hutan pinus yang dikelola menjadi tempat wisata. Salah satunya adalah Hutan Pinus Pengger. Terletak di pinggiran kota area Jogja, anda bisa menikmati keindahan hutan pinus dengan udaranya yang segar.”
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“ they have the biggest ferris wheel in the country. recommended to go here at night to enjoy the light garden and on weekdays to get more privacy. located just 3,5 km from ODESSA.”
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“A local choclate factory run by a Belgium guy. The cocholate is really delicious. You should pay a visit here”
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“Tempo Gelato has moved to a bigger place and its still got a cool vibe from the interior and definetely their ice creams. They've got all the flavors. Milky one or fruits one. They all dellicious!”
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“This is also at the beginning of Jalan Palagan, where it intersects with the Ring Road. It is an illumination place at night, so visit it in the evenings. It is just a nice experience and with kids even more so. It is like a fairy tale land. Nothing spectacular happens there, but it is just a place for some 'wonder'!”
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