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February 4, 2020
Hoan Kiem Lake (also known as Sword Lake), is a fresh water lake, measuring some 12 ha in the historical center of Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. In the past, the lake was variously name "Luc Thuy Lake" meaning "Green Water Lake" - aptly named for the water's color or "Thuy Quan Lake". The lake…
March 5, 2020
Hoan Kiem Lake is considered as a bouquet in the centre of Hanoi greatly contributing to make the landscape of the city more beautiful and airy.
March 9, 2020
This is a trademark place of Hanoi. Everyone came to Hanoi must visit this
January 18, 2020
Hoan Kiem Lake is also known as Sword Lake. is a natural freshwater lake in Hanoi. Located in the center of Hanoi city. The lake has an area of ​​12 hectares. Previously, the lake also had the names Ho Luc Thuy, Ho Thuy Quan, Ho Ta Vong and Huu vong Hoan Kiem Lake was formerly called Ho Guom. The…
August 13, 2019
If you are about to visit Hanoi for a few days, it is very likely that you will reside somewhere near Hoan Kiem Lake. The lake is considered the center of Hanoi, not only physically but also symbolically. In fact, the more you spend time learning about the lake, the more special it becomes.
January 18, 2020
Hoan Kiem Lake (Turtle Lake) is a central feature of Hanoi and is a popular hangout spot throughout the day with locals and tourists. Ngoc Son Temple sits on a small island in the centre of the lake and linked by a bridge, makes a beautiful background for a few photos. Around sunrise and sunset,…

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“Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Ba Dinh Square is one of the most visited attractions in Hanoi. It is the final resting place of Ho Chi Minh, the most iconic and popular leader of Vietnam, known to his people as ‘Uncle Ho’. ”
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“St. Joseph's Cathedral is a church on Nha Chung Street in the Hoàn Kiếm District of Hanoi, Vietnam. It is a late 19th-century Gothic Revival church that serves as the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Hanoi to nearly 4 million Catholics in the country.”
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“The world-famous Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre in Hanoi has its roots in an art form that dates back to the 11th century. The tradition of water puppet theatre stems from a time when rice paddy fields were flooded and villagers would make entertainment by standing in the waist-deep water with the puppets performing over the water. Using large rods to support the puppets it appeared as if they were moving across the water with the puppeteers hidden behind a screen.”
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Opera House
“Erected by the French colonial administration between 1901 and 1911, it was modeled on the Palais Garnier, the older of Paris's two opera houses, and is considered to be one of Hanoi landmarks.”
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History Museum
“Most popular spot to learn about what happened in Hanoi during the war time”
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Hàng Trống, Hanoi