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Bún Chả Hương Liên

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October 28, 2019
President Obama had a meal here :)
October 23, 2019
If Pho is Hanoi's number one dish, then Bun Cha is easily number two when it comes to being a Hanoi local food favorite. And who can blame the locals for loving this dish where grilled pork and rice noodles are the stars and fresh herbs, sliced papaya, red chilli and garlic are the supporting…
September 25, 2019
One of Hanoi’s most prominent family run restaurants, Bun Cha Huong Lien, had no idea that one day, they’ll be hosting an US President and a celebrity chef in one table and would be making headlines on the largest American news channel the next day. Tucked in an unassuming street just south of the…
July 21, 2019
Obama has diner here!
La Pluie
La Pluie
June 17, 2019
Following President Barack Obama took a detour during his trip to Vietnam to grab dinner with Anthony Bourdain.. The president of the United States and the adventurous TV chef, dined at local restaurant Bún chả Hương Liên in Hanoi, where they chatted over bowls of grilled pork with noodles and other…

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Asiatisches Restaurant
“A triple building in the center of Hanoi where you can shop and relax with many high- class stores/ brands, restaurants, an indoor gaming center and movie theater. Some brands: Nike, Zara, Mac, CK, Adidas, Pedro, Accessorize, Kappa, Dr Marten, Mango etc Food store: Kichi Kichi, Thai express, Seoul Garden, Capricciosa, Tokyo Yukai, Movie theater: CGV ”
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“local people go there for a walk or exercise all the time! there is also activities such as skateboarding, dancing in late afternoon”
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Campaign Office
“According to the legend, in early 1428, Emperor Lê Lợi was boating on the lake when a Golden Turtle God (Kim Qui) surfaced and asked for his magic sword, Heaven's Will. Lợi concluded that Kim Qui had come to reclaim the sword that its master, a local God, the Dragon King (Long Vương) had given Lợi some time earlier, during his revolt against Ming China. Later, the Emperor gave the sword back to the turtle after he finished fighting off the Chinese. Emperor Lợi renamed the lake to commemorate this event, from its former name Luc Thuy meaning "Green Water". The Turtle Tower (Tháp Rùa) standing on a small island near the centre of lake is linked to the legend. The first name of Hoàn Kiếm lake is Tả Vọng, when the King hadn't given the Magical Sword back to the Golden Turtle God (Cụ Rùa).”
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“Biggest lake in Hanoi! You can hire a bike and ride around the lake (but not one round because the lake is really big) in the morning or in the evening to enjoy the fresh air and the peaceful atmosphere :)”
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History Museum
“Ranked #4 on Tripadvisor. It is located on the most ancient street in Hanoi. Displayed more than 1000 materials showing the role the Vietnamese women played in the history ”
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Hà Nội
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