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Ancient Stadium

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April 24, 2018
It is an ancient stadium, with a small ancient theater and above it you can find the Acropolis of Rhodes. Moreover, it s free and you can walk at the edge of the hill at sunset
July 24, 2016
The ancient stadium of Diagoras , Hellenistic period, 3rd or 2nd century BC with a lovely theater and just above the temple of Apollo on the hill of St. Stephen work as a time capsule.

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“Rodini Park, Rhodes Rodini Park was probably the first landscaped park in the world. It was still popular with the Romans some years later and they left a bit of an aqueduct here. The park has been arranged along a natural stream. This is an ideal environment for the peacocks which live and breed freely in the park. It's a pleasure to come here, to get a respite from the heat of the day. Enjoy the cool walkway leading along the bank of the stream. Rodini Park is rich in flora, with perennial plane trees, oleanders, high-sky pines, springs with water gushing through the rocks. It offers areas for relaxation, a playground, park benches and provides its guests a feeling of peace and tranquility. A walk of about 10 minutes will bring you to a tomb carved into the rock. The tomb, dating from the Hellenist period and featuring a decoration of 21 Doric half-pillars - is known as the tomb of the Ptolemies. The tomb of the Ptolemies is an important, probably 2nd century bc, Hellenistic funerary monument with a pedimented doorway and stuccoed façade. This is in effect an outcrop of natural rock fashioned into a 30m square block. Its north side has been dressed with a row of carved, engaged pilasters which have been plastered and were once coloured, and which stand as if on a stepped crepis”
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General Travel
“Kameiros (Kamiros) is a must-visit if you are a history and archeology passionate! Situated 30 kilometers western from the romantic Rhodes Town, this ancient town has a great historic importance in the Dodecanese complex. Kameiros (Kamiros) was one of the three large Doric powerful cities of Rhodes island, which in the 5th century B.C unified with Ialyssos and Lindos. to form the powerful state of Rhodos. Exploring the Hellenistic ruins of Kameiros (Kamiros), discovered in 1929, you will find out the town is often referred to as the "Greek Pompey", as nobody knows why the city was buried and abandoned. The ruins date back in the 3rd century B.C, and you can admire on-site only the anci”
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“ Man kann durch den dunklen Tunnel gehen, in dem das Quellwasser zusammenfließt und watet dabei durch das kalte Wasser. ”
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Hafen / Marina
“Mandraki Harbor was once the military port for ancient Rhodes. Today the mouth of the harbor contains male and female deer statues, but in historical times, chains would close off the area. Today, the harbor is home to million-dollar yachts and small boats that take travelers to other nearby islands and some of the beaches in Rhodes.”
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