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Brightmoor Artisans Cooperative Community Kitchen

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This is a unique place in the 21-block Brightmoor neighborhood that residents have turned into a “farmway” where neighbors can create products with plants they’ve grown. It will eventually have a cafe and is a beautiful expression of local transformation. All are welcome to visit and you can sign up for tours and volunteering on their site. When friends come, I show them the “farmway” as the best example of the country kind of really taking over the city. So many houses had been demolished around here, and now there are wide open stretches of land with beautiful trees, gardens, and farms that and are connected to each other.
Co-founder of Edible Hut, a community gardening space with a living edible roof, Kate lives and works at Burnside Farm, a $600 house and the surrounding lots that she turned into a hybrid garden and art space.
Detroit, MI 48223
Telefonnummer+1 313 687-4463
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