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パン屋 水円 Bakery Suien

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October 29, 2019
The location of the store is difficult to understand, but it is a bakery with an atmosphere. There is a big banyan tree and it is mysterious. Eat-in corner lunches are also popular.Near Zakimi Castle. MAPCODE 33 854 097
December 27, 2018
A popular bread shop not only in Yomitan, but Okinawa. It's location is in local residential area, so some small signage written "水円" on the roads will help you to arrive there.
September 14, 2016
The best bakery on the island! They have a donkey and few rabbits, cats inside the bakery and a huge Gajyumaru tree right across from the bakery. They use local organic ingredients and the place is very peaceful. I recommend this place for guests who want to eat good bread and have a relaxed time in…
Kazu & Mayu
Kazu & Mayu
May 6, 2016
This is our favorite bakery and cafe! :)
January 5, 2019
お店の場所はわかりづらいですが、雰囲気のあるパン屋です。大きなガジュマルの木がちかくにあり神秘的です。イートインコーナーのランチも人気です。 MAPCODE 33 854 097

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“美味しいですよ〜。文句なく名店。有名人もたくさん訪れてます。座喜味城跡を登って、見て、降りたその先にこの店があるなら、それは絶対入るでしょう! 氷と豆ののフワフワ感〜、ぜひ一度味わってみてください。 ”TSURU-KAME DOU" is a Very Famous Shaved ice shop in Yomitan. It is recommended. Near the entrance of the castle”ZAKIMI".”
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“サンエー大湾シティ 和風亭/大阪王将/サーティワンアイスクリーム 食品/衣類/家電 San-A Owan City Japanese Restaurant / Chinese Restaurant / Thirty One Ice Cream Food / clothing / home appliances”
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“We are particular about material! Bread made with natural yeast is delicious. The music selected by music lovers is playing loudly. MAPCODE 33 883 842”
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“座喜味城跡にある美術館・博物館。沖縄の昔の暮らしなど丁寧に展示されています。が、改装になるそうです〜。チェックです。 Yomitan Art Museum. But close now.Check Please.”
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Zakimi, Okinawa-ken 904-0301
Telefonnummer+81 98-958-3239
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