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Ethnologisches Museum von Vietnam

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Lan Anh
Lan Anh
March 16, 2020
One of the top museum in Southest Asia, VME is keeping great documentation of all ethnics in Vietnam with footage of their life in video, installations, architecture & exhibition.
March 5, 2020
The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is a museum in Hanoi, Vietnam, which focuses on the 54 officially recognised ethnic groups in Vietnam
February 9, 2020
The museum exhibit all sorts of minority houses & sculptures on yard, which is very interesting.
February 4, 2020
Vietnam Museum of Ethnology (Address: No. 1 Nguyen Van Huyen, Cau Giay district,) The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology focuses on the 54 officially recognised ethnic groups in Vietnam. It is located on a 43,799-square-metre (10.823-acre) property in the Cau Giay District, about 8 km from the city center…
January 22, 2020
This museum has recreated the "village" with houses and furnishings so that even though you are in Hanoi you can get a feel for what it would be like living in a far away village in Vietnam. If you don't have time to actually go visit the ethnic minorities, then this might be the next best…

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“Cua Bac Church is a Roman Catholic church in Hanoi, Vietnam. Originally named as Church of Martyrs, the church was built in 1932 by the French administration of Indochina as a part of the Hanoi's urban plan supervised by Ernest Hébrard”
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“The Museum of Hanoi (Vietnamese: Bảo tàng Hà Nội) is located in Hanoi, Vietnam. The museum displays artifacts from Hanoi's 1000-year history and the history, culture, heritage, and architecture of Vietnam. It showcases over 50,000 artifacts in a total area of nearly 54,000 square meters. The Hanoi museum was opened in 2010 for the Millennial Anniversary of Hanoi. The building represents an overall design of an inverted Pyramid.”
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“The One Pillar Pagoda is said to represent a lotus flower growing up out of the water. Address: Chua Mot Cot, Doi Can, Ba Dinh. Open hours: 8:00 - 17:00 Entrance fee : Free”
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Vietnamesisches Restaurant
“The restaurant is proudly to be one of the biggest buffet restaurant in Vietnam which can serve more than 1200 customers and above 200 dishes of different gastronomical styles from Vietnamese to European and Eastern Asian cuisine. Sen Tay Ho is a chain three buffet restaurants: > International Buffet Restaurant where you can try excellent foods from well-known cooking styles in the world; > Hanoi Buffet brings you to an ancient corner of Hanoi where you can see traditional food-serving stalls of Vietnam. The menu of Hanoi Buffet bases mainly on high-quality sea-foods with complicated cooking art like Baked Lobster, Tu Hai, So Diep and Tuna and Salmon Shashimi, etc.”
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Hanoi, Hanoi
Telefonnummer04 3756 2192
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