Die besten Nachtclubs in Norfolk

Lieblingsorte der Einheimischen

1. The Point at Phoebus
30 East Mellen Street
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Laut Karen “Popular nearby local restaurant and bar in the small town of Phoebus. ( 1 mile away.) Great for a g...” ·
2. Funny Bone
217 Central Park Avenue
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Laut James “The main comedy club in the area. Hosts everyone from huge names to local talent. They have good ...” ·
3. The Banque Country Western
1849 East Little Creek Road
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Chas & Donna
Laut Chas & Donna “Thursday is ladies night and line dancing lessons” ·
4. Baxter's Sports Lounge
500 Granby St
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Laut Ravi “Big bar with plenty of TVs to catch a game and pool tables. Plenty of open space and fun crowd” ·
5. PBR Norfolk A Coors Banquet Bar
333 Waterside Dr
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Laut Omar “Local nightlife that is always vibrant on Friday and Saturday nights! Bring your friends and have a ...”
6. MP Island Cafe'
5957 E Virginia Beach Blvd
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Laut Amani “Best jerk chicken in all of Hampton Roads”
7. The Wave Nightclub on Colley
4107 Colley Ave
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Laut David “LGBT: Dancing. Saturday night. Don't go before 11pm. Plan to Uber, taxi, or designate a driver. ...”
8. Hershee Bar
6117 Sewells Point Rd
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Laut Cissy “LGBT and the oldest women's bar In this state. It also has a He bar in the back for men too, No excl...” ·
9. Asahi
1628 Independence Boulevard
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Josh And Nicole
Laut Josh And Nicole “Have you tried Korean food....This is one of the best.”