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1. Ohorikoen
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Tatsu And Yasuko
Laut Tatsu And Yasuko “観光しにいって公園?と思われるかもしれませんが、福岡に観光しにきてこの「大濠公園」に立ち寄るひとは、実はなかなか多くいらっしゃるんです。遊具、レストラン、スタバ、美術館も有り、都会のオアシスとなってい...” ·
2. Fukuoka Tower
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Laut Jeremy “Fukuoka Tower is a landmark seaside tower in Fukuoka. It's covered in 8000 half mirrors and is shape...” ·
3. Maizuru Park
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Laut Mizuka “This park is built around Fukuoka castle ruins and located within just 15 minutes from Tenjin (the c...” ·
4. Ohori Park
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Laut Jeremy “The name Ōhori means a large moat and it derives from the fact that Kuroda Nagamasa, the old lord of...” ·
5. Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome
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Laut 貴一 “This monolithic, retractable-roof stadium is the home field of Fukuoka's much-loved SoftBank Hawks b...” ·
6. 軍艦島
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Laut Risa “石炭の供給地として異様な発展をとげ、1974年に閉山するまでずっと「最高級炭」を産出し続けた。遠望すると軍艦に似ているところから軍艦島とも呼ばれた。廃墟マニアが一度は訪れたいと願う聖地。” ·
7. Fukuoka City Museum
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Laut Kei “This history museum displays the cultural development of the local region with an emphasis on Fukuok...” ·
8. Marine World
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Tatsu And Yasuko
Laut Tatsu And Yasuko “福岡市東区にある「マリンワールド」は1989(平成元)年に開館。ひとつの水槽で飼育するサメの数は日本最大級、日本初のダイバーショー開催など様々な話題に富み、多彩なショーや体験がファミリー連れに人気の水...” ·
9. 長崎水辺の森公園 Nagasaki Seaside Park
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Laut Jess “Terrific views of Megami Bridge, Mt Inasa and the harbour! Kick around a soccer ball, fly a kite or ...”
10. 旧グラバー住宅
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Laut Beacon “国指定重要文化財の旧グラバー住宅・旧リンガー住宅・旧オルト住宅を核に、市内に点在していた6つの明治期の洋館を移築復元したものです。   園内は長崎独特の坂の地形のため、動く歩道、エスカレーターを設け、...” ·
11. Marinoa City Fukuoka
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Laut Bo “All in one outlet with the latest fashion, baby wear, outdoor activity items, kitchen ware and home ...” ·
12. Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum
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Laut 健雄 “If you want to know more about nuclear weapons, this is where to go. it has a lot of documents and ...” ·
13. 長崎出島ワーフ
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Laut Jess “Delicious cafe ATTIC for great espresso coffee and Italian! Watch as ferries and ships glide by, as ...”
14. Ohorikoen Station
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Laut Taro “Nice park for Fukuoka people. Good for walking and cycling. You can row a small boat.”
15. cafe&bar・BASE
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Laut Jess “Cafe & Bar BASE Coffee and French toast during the day, drinks and dinner by night! Great espresso-s...”
16. Fukuoka Art Museum
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Laut Sarah “Museum have nice permanent exhibition + new exhibits from around the world. Ohori park is beside, ma...” ·
17. 中崎水産(株)
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Laut 徹也 “実は!長崎県はふぐの生産量が日本一! 厚切りふぐを部位ごとに切り方や調理が異なり、最高の状態で食べることができます。 4名様以上からのみお楽しみ頂けます♪ 要予約です♪” ·