Sonstige Empfehlungen zu Verkehrsmittel in Minneapolis

Lieblingsorte der Einheimischen

1. Angry Catfish Bicycle and Coffee Bar
4208 South 28th Avenue
26Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Lori “From the website, "Angry Catfish was cultivated by the vibrant Minneapolis bicycle culture that liv...” ·
2. The Hub Bike Co-op
3020 Minnehaha Avenue
5Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Angie “If your bike breaks in this neighborhood, here's where you can take it!” ·
3. One on One Bicycle Studio and Cafe
117 North Washington Avenue
5Empfehlungen vor Ort
Peggy & Paul
Laut Peggy & Paul “Road and off-road bicycles from Specialized and Bianchi. Plan at least 7-10 days ahead for rental re...” ·
4. The Hub Bike Co-op
301 Cedar Avenue South
4Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Susannah “Carries a larger selection of high-end bikes and components. Stocking new bikes from Orbea, Surly, V...” ·
5. SuperAmerica
3357 University Avenue Southeast
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Michelle & Tim
Laut Michelle & Tim “Gas and convenience store. Walking distance, 2 blocks east.”
6. Tangletown Bike Shop
322 West 48th Street
3Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Kati “Check out South Minneapolis- by bike!! So many paths, lakes, and outdoor sights. The shop owners a...” ·
7. Freewheel Bike
1812 South 6th Street
2Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Susannah “A complete bike shop. Freewheel Bike was created by cyclists for cyclists and has always been focuse...” ·
8. SuperAmerica
6000 Portland Ave S
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Audrey “Gas and convenience store”
9. Holiday Stationstores
601 North 5th Street
2Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Tom “Gas Station at the end of the block” ·
10. Recovery Bike Shop
2504 Central Ave NE
2Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Betsy “If you need anything for your bike, or have questions about bikes ... this is your place! Great staf...” ·
11. SuperAmerica
2200 Lyndale Avenue South
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Emily “If you need basics or snacks!”
12. Behind Bars Bicycle Shop
208 13th Ave NE
2Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Jennifer “Indie Bike shop. They even offer classes - a 2 night, four hour class introducing the basic mechanic...” ·
13. SuperAmerica
4740 Cedar Avenue South
2Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laura & David
Laut Laura & David “Close by gas station with a Wells Fargo ATM.” ·
14. Freewheel Bike Midtown Bike Center
2834 10th Ave S
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Peggy & Paul
Laut Peggy & Paul “It's on The Green Way so that's a good start. Rent hybrid bikes and road bikes. Whether you're visit...”
15. BP
4553 Nicollet Ave
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Lori “Closest gas station to our house”
16. Erik's - Bike Board Ski
1312 4th St SE
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Peggy & Paul
Laut Peggy & Paul “At the local Dinkytown location, rent a City Bike, Mountain Bike, Electric Bike or Road Bike. https...”
17. Nelson Auto World - University Service
1625 Como Ave SE
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Greg & Emily
Laut Greg & Emily “Gas station & car repair”
18. Calhoun Beach BP
3012 Excelsior Boulevard
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Robert “Gas and car wash right across the street.”
19. The Hub at The U of MN Bike Center
401 Southeast Oak Street
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Angie “If your bike breaks in this neighborhood, take it here!”
20. Winner Gas
3333 Cedar Ave
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Elizabeth “Inside, you can get delicious tacos, burritos, soup. ”
21. SuperAmerica
2501 Hennepin Ave
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Lexi “Gas Station/Convenience store a few blocks from us. ”
22. Two Wheels Bike Shop
1014 W 27th St
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Candyce “Great biking paths and lanes in Minneapolis!”
23. Shinola North Loop Store
228 North Washington Avenue
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut J.R. “Very unique, made in America watch and leather accessories store”
24. Holiday Stationstores
3550 Cedar Ave S
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Marcus “This gas station is very close. It has basics that you might need in a pinch. Also, there is a red...”
25. SuperAmerica
5101 S 34th Ave
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Gregory “Regional gas station and convenience store. Has a Wells Fargo ATM. Use the store's loyalty card fo...”
26. BP
2421 Larpenteur Ave W
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Felicia “Closest gas station. Ask me for 10 cents off per gallon coupon.”
27. Holiday Stationstores
4601 Hiawatha Ave
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Gregory “Regional gas station and convenience store. Also has a car wash. Has US Bank ATM. Customers may p...”
28. SuperAmerica
4320 E Lake St
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Dave “SHORT DRIVE. This is the closest gas station and convenience store.”