Sonstige Empfehlungen zu Grundausstattung in Ljubljana

Lieblingsorte der Einheimischen

1. UKC - Urgentni blok
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Joze  & Anja
Laut Joze & Anja “Emergency hospital. I hope you never need it, but just in case you do. There's a 24/7 pharmacy acros...” ·
2. Hala Tivoli
25 Celovška cesta
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Laut Biljana “In 2011 Tivoli institute changes it's name to Ljubljana Sport and Leisure Facilities and assumes man...” ·
3. University Medical Center, Ljubljana
7 Zaloška cesta
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Laut Neža “University Medical Centre Ljubljana and ER” ·
4. Konex družba za turizem, šport in marketing, d.o.o. Ljubljana
109 Cesta na Brdo
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Tanja & Hákon
Laut Tanja & Hákon “Sport center with fitness, squash, badminton. Also has a bar with a nice outside sitting area.” ·
5. Javni zavod lekarna Ljubljana lekarna Šiška
83 Celovška cesta
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Laut Matic “If you need anything from the pharmacy, it's really close by.” ·
6. Usluga Šiška čistilnica in pralnica d.o.o. Ljubljana
31 Derčeva ulica
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Laut Biljana “Dry cleaning and laundry service” ·
7. Sus - Evrofitnes, sports recreation l.l.c.
155 Vodnikova cesta
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Laut Matevz “local sport center Japanese restaurant MARU on the 1st floor” ·
8. Javni zavod Lekarna Ljubljana, Lekarna pri Polikliniki
6 Njegoševa cesta
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Laut Mihael “Pharmacy Vending Machine is open 24/7 for emergency purchases (some basic "over the counter" drugs)....” ·
9. InterContinental Ljubljana
59 Slovenska cesta
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Laut Gala “Currently the newest hip place in Ljubljana, expensive coffee (5 euros), but great gin and tonic (7-...” ·
10. Mercator HM Šmartinska
102 Šmartinska cesta
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Laut Blaze “Relatively big and well stocked grocery store. Great selection of prepared dishes, beer, and all the...”
11. Veterinary station Ljubljana
51a Cesta v Mestni log
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Ana Laura
Laut Ana Laura “Nearest veterinary station.”
12. Zdravstveni dom Ljubljana Vič-Rudnik
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Ana Laura
Laut Ana Laura “This is the location of the nearest local medical center. Monday till Friday 6.45 am - 8 pm Weekend...” ·
13. Marn Sonja - Lekarna Zalog
269 Zaloška cesta
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Laut Milenko “Pharmacy in case you need it.”
14. Bodi, lepotni salon, d.o.o.
34 Mesarska cesta
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Laut Bojan “Hairdressing and beauty salon”
15. Nova ljubljanska banka d.d., Ljubljana
3 Čopova ulica
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Laut Mihael “If an ATM isn't enough for you, visit this bank office. It's open weekdays 8:30am-4pm.”
16. Zdravstveni dom Ljubljana - Center
9 Metelkova ulica
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Jaka & Taja
Laut Jaka & Taja “If you need a doctor this is the place to go.”
17. Victoria Wellness Club
24 Zelenova ulica
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Laut Milenko “Award winning wellness club.”
18. Laundry, SpeedQueen, pralnica perila
73 Celovška cesta
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Laut Marko “Laundry Speed Queen is 650m away, 8 minutes walk distance!”
19. Lassana frizersko podjetje, d.d.
49 Celovška cesta
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Laut Biljana “I highly recommend this hair salon!”
20. Javni zavod lekarna Ljubljana lekarna pri Šišenski Knjižnici
8 Trg komandanta Staneta
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Laut Natalija “Grocery store is from Apartment 70 m away and is opened every day from Monday to Saturday. You will ...”
21. Nova ljubljanska banka
2 Trg republike
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Laut Katja “This is the main bank where you can do all your transactions.”
22. Poslovalnica Celovška 2 - UniCredit banka Slovenija d.d.
111 Celovška cesta
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Laut Viktor “Nearest bank office and ATM machine - 1 minute away fro the apartment”
23. Gym24
154 Dunajska cesta
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Laut Žiga “The best equipped gym in Ljubljana, open 24/7”