Lieblingsorte der Einheimischen

1. Tennen Onsen Naniwa-no-yu
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Laut Atsuko “Natural Hot Spring Naniwa no Yu (天然温泉 なにわの湯) You can enjoy the feeling of being at a resort right i...” ·
2. Arima Onsen
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Laut Baragi “일본의 3대 온천 록코산의 경치를 볼 수 있는 케이블카 옛날의 일본 마을 모습 롯코산 중턱에 위치한 아리마 온천 마을은 작은 동네 골목 사이사이에 여러 테마의 온천이 모여 ...” ·
3. Hanbeifu
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Laut Kyo-Machiya “The house is close to the restaurant famous for Tofu cuisine. A nice place to experience traditional...” ·
4. 高槻クリーンセンター
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Laut Dora “Osaka 's Mai - zu garbage disposal site. When I say the architecture of the world artist Hundertwass...” ·
5. サンプラザ熊野店
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Laut Shino “Japanese grilled chicken stalls come every Wednesday.We will have all the necessary daily necessitie...” ·
6. 大国屋黒潮市場河原町店
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Laut Keith “Daikokuya supermarket. Larger than convenience store and local grocery shop. Open 9am to midnight da...” ·
7. Jupiter Kyoto
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Laut Yoshi “Jupiter is a small supermarket in the underground mall. As soon as I entered the shop, You will get...” ·
8. Big contact JR Kyoto Station shop
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Laut Yurika “This vast new shop is directly connected to Kyoto Station via the Nishinotō-in gate; otherwise, it’s...” ·
9. フレスコ 東山安井店
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Laut Min “Grocery store chain Fresco has a few branches within 10 minutes of walk from our apartment. This one...” ·
10. FamilyMart Kawaramachi Gojo
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Laut Tumy “It is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. If you want something to eat and drink , you should go...” ·
11. Seven-Eleven Kyotokawaramachi Takatsuji
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Laut Kiyo “Nearest Convenience store 7 minutes walk from the apartment. You can grab easy snacks, drinks to you...” ·
12. Kurama Onsen Onsen Ryokan
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Laut Hasu “Kurama onsen is 45 minutes away from the house. Take the Keihan line from Shichijo or Gojo station u...” ·
13. Life
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Laut 京 “LIFE Super market深草駅&p=ライフ&utm...” ·
14. 京都一の傳 本店
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Laut Ai “One of my most favorite Japanese restaurant. Fish pickled in sweet Kyoto-style miso is nice.Only fo...” ·