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1. Canton Tower
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Tom Christopher
Laut Tom Christopher “The Canton Tower is a 604 metres (1,982 ft) tall multi-purpose observation tower in the Haizhu Distr...” ·
2. 北京路步行街
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Laut Jam “北京路地处越秀区商业中心旺地,方圆数百米内道路纵横交错,街市密集,商铺林立,成行成市,是广州最繁华的商业中心。主要街道上的名牌专卖店。 2010年, 北京路、沿江路、长堤路、教育路、西湖路、大南路、状...” ·
3. 沙面
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Laut 爱设计的爱玛emma “鴉片戰爭后英法租界,濃濃的歷史氣息,和現在的清幽綠樹。值得一游。 french and english concession after the opium war, so full of histo...” ·
4. 花城广场
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Laut 京 “花城广场是广州珠江新城商业区的新地标,夜景非常漂亮,每天完成8点有音乐喷泉,花城汇广场连接大剧院,广州最大的图书馆、博物馆和海心沙,同时能看到广州塔的全貌。”
5. Guangdong Museum
2号 Zhujiang E Rd
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Laut Yvonne “广东省博物馆(Guangdong Province museum)位于广州市天河区珠江东路2号,广州新城市中轴线——珠江新城中心区南部。广东省博物馆于1957年开始筹备,1959年正式对外开放,是省级...” ·
6. International Grand City (igc)
222 珠江新城兴民路
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Laut Henry “天汇广场IGC是地标性大型城市综合体旗下的一站式国际时尚购物中心。汇聚约160个国际精品与时尚潮流品牌,数十间餐饮食肆涵盖高端至大众化消费,其中九成更是华南乃至全国的“首家”店铺或旗舰店,冠绝羊城。”
7. Baiyun Mountain
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Tom Christopher
Laut Tom Christopher “Acclaimed as the "First Beauty in Guangzhou”, and conviently located just 5-8 minutes away, Baiyun M...” ·
8. Canton Tower
222号 Yuejiang West Rd
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Laut Chin “Canton Tower, as a new landmark, located in the new CBD and the Pearl River landscape axis, lying in...” ·
9. China Import and Export Fair
382号 Yuejiang Middle Road
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Laut Chin “The Fair is the largest trade fair in China.Among China's largest trade fairs, it has the largest as...”
10. Ikea
156号天誉花园1层 Linhe Middle Road
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Laut Iris “You could keep your luggage in the IKEA for free during its opening time 10:00-22:00. it takes only...”
11. Bolin International Apartment
16 Huacheng Ave
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Laut Frank “An organic theme food resturant where you can experience the Green Food as their thenme----"The Gree...”