Die besten Kinos in Fayetteville

Lieblingsorte der Einheimischen

1. Cameo Art House Theatre
225 Hay Street
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Laut Sharon “A gem in downtown, this refurbished theater places new releases and some unique indy films. Great a...” ·
2. AMC Fayetteville 14
4761 Lake Valley Drive
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Laut Timothy “Carmike Cinemas, Inc. is a U.S. leader in digital cinema and 3D cinema deployments and is one of the...” ·
3. Omni Cinemas 8
3729 Sycamore Dairy Road
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Laut Shirley “One of the best cinemas in town! There is an adjacent game arcade and indoor/outdoor miniature golf ...” ·
4. Carmike Market Fair 15
1916 Skibo Rd
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Laut Pete “Movies anyone?”
5. Carmike Cinemas
362 Westwood Shopping Center
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Laut Pete “Like the movies”