Die besten Lebensmittelläden in Dunedin

Lieblingsorte der Einheimischen

1. PAK'nSAVE Dunedin
86 Hillside Rd
12Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Adrienne “Easy parking, very busy. You have to pay for your plastic bags (5cents). Excellent fresh fish - a ...” ·
2. St Clair Four Square Supermarket
9Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Rachael “Visit the nice friendly team at the St Clair Four Square for anything you've left behind, or fresh i...” ·
3. Taste Nature
131 High St
9Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Kelley “Taste Nature is a great organic and gluten free cafe that uses local produce and also stocks a range...” ·
4. Freshchoice Supermarkets
279 Highgate
11Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Rosemary “Sells all essentials. The Otago Markets at the Railway Station is fabulous for all things fresh and ...” ·
5. New World Supermarket Centre City
133 Great King St
9Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Maggie “Centre City New World is our favourite supermarket, though it’s a 7-10 minute drive away. It has a ...” ·
6. Countdown - Dunedin Central
309 Cumberland Street Central
10Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Periena “One of the biggest supermarkets in Dunedin & centrally located in town opposite the Cadbury's chocol...” ·
7. Countdown Mailer Street
43 Mailer St
7Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Lorinda “Handy to Mornington Shops which include Countdown supermarket, takeaways, cafes, bakery, hairdresser...” ·
8. Countdown Andersons Bay
560 Andersons Bay Rd
10Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Veronica “Closest small supermarket, not as busy as the bigger ones. Good if you want to avoid the hideous 'Ca...” ·
9. Four Square
67 George St
3Empfehlungen vor Ort
Liz & Craig
Laut Liz & Craig “If you go back into Port Chalmers (or merely 'Port' as the locals refer to it) and head up over the ...” ·
10. New World Gardens
6 North Rd
21Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Kelley “Its ten minutes by car down the hill, its a small supermarket and has nice fresh produce. The staff ...” ·
11. Blacks Road Greengrocer
178 North Rd
3Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Frankie “Good coffee and a nice selection of savoury and sweet cabinet food. They also do fantastic smoothies...” ·
12. Uni Mart
144 Great King St
2Empfehlungen vor Ort
Deb And Dean
Laut Deb And Dean “Asian groceries-cheap bags of pre-made dumplings ,edamame etc” ·
13. Garden Seat Cafe Lunch Bar
4 North Rd
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Aaron “If you're looking for the worlds best pies I would definitely check out Garden Seat Cafe as it's als...”
14. Night 'n Day
18 Princes St
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Lilly “Open 24/7 ”
15. FreshChoice
230 Main S Rd
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Nicky “A smaller supermarket. Has a good range of basics, but limited if your looking for more exotic, int...”
16. Four Square Foodlands Supermarket
185 Kaikorai Valley Rd
1Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Diane “Great fruit and veggies at very good prices. Excellent friendly service.”