Sonstige Empfehlungen zu Grundausstattung in Dubrovnik

Lieblingsorte der Einheimischen

1. Laundry Service Dubrovnik | Laundry Spin
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Laut Matea “All monuments such as famous City Walls, Marin Držić's theater, the House of Marin Držić's turned in...” ·
2. Copacabana Beach
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Minela & Miloš
Laut Minela & Miloš “Pebble beach with bar, and rent-a-anything (jetski, kayak, pedaline, etc). There is also a sea park ...” ·
3. Sanja & Rosie's Launderette Dubrovnik
2 Put od Bosanke
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Jon And Sanja
Laut Jon And Sanja “Located just outside Ploce Gate (one of the main entrances to the Old Town), Sanja & Rosie’s is a wo...” ·
4. General Hospital Dubrovnik
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Laut Blago “Hospital - Emergency Room” ·
5. Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik Hotel
2 Ul. Marijana Blažića
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Laut Sally “Great club sandwich, coffee or even breakfast if you are feeling lazy, this hotel is right by our ap...” ·
6. DM Dubrovnik
13 Vukovarska ul.
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Laut Ivana “its a very popular german market for premium hair makeup bio food and toiletries” ·
7. Laundry Room Self Service Dubrovnik
64 Zagrebačka ul.
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Laut Tino “Laundry self service, price is 60 kunas (8 euros) for one washing and drying up to 10 kg of clothes....” ·
8. European Medical Center - General Hospital Dubrovnik
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Laut Ivana “let's hope we many never needed it; but just In case there is the local hospital in the event of an ...”
9. Lavaman Laundry Service
2 Dropčeva ul.
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Laut Mark “Because they provide great service, they are fast and professional..”
10. Dominium Bubble - Laundry & Laundry Service
64 Zagrebačka ul.
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Laut Nada “Get your washing and drying done here”