Die besten Lebensmittelläden in Charlottetown

Lieblingsorte der Einheimischen

1. Atlantic Superstore
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Laut Abby “We do not have any grocery stores in Stanhope. We are only a 15 minute drive to Charlottetown. It's...” ·
2. Sobeys
400 University Avenue
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Kyle Stephen
Laut Kyle Stephen “Biggest grocery store in Charlottetown. It is also located right beside the mall” ·
3. Sobeys Stratford
9 Kinlock Rd
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Gordon And Linda
Laut Gordon And Linda “Sobeys Extra has a great selection of fresh produce, meats and seafood, a deli, bakery and more! htt...” ·
4. Sobeys
39 Babineau Avenue
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Laut Cindy “Sobey's offers more local produce where Superstore offers better pricing. All and all they are both...” ·
5. Kent Street Market
136 Kent St
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Laut Don “For a downtown, walking-distance grocery store and deli, this place is great for local produce, snac...” ·
6. Brighton Clover Farm
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Laut Cindy “This convenience store is really a compact grocery store -- established in high-end Brighton area fo...” ·
7. Co-op Food Market
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Laut Laura&Kevin “Closest small grocery store”
8. Shawn's No Frills
25 Hopeton Rd
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Laut Brady “Grocery store close by with the best prices around. ” ·
9. Leezen Store, Charlottetown PE
307 University Ave
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Nancy & Graeme
Laut Nancy & Graeme “Organic and natural foods from Taiwan and PEI. Lots of nuts, seeds, dried fruits, cooking sauces, co...”