Die besten Museen in Cedar Rapids

Lieblingsorte der Einheimischen

1. National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library
1400 Inspiration Place Southwest
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Laut Tina “Studio Alive, Inc. - private art gallery and local artist in residence . A live working studio tha...” ·
2. Cedar Rapids Museum of Art
410 3rd Ave SE
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Laut Betsy “This museum has a great variety of art, both local and world-renowned. It is a good place to get to...” ·
3. Brucemore
2160 Linden Dr SE
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Laut Shelley “Brucemore, a park-like, 26-acre estate in the heart of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is the site of a Queen An...” ·
4. African American Museum Of Iowa
55 12th Ave SE
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Laut Mark “Museum celebrating the heritage of African Americans in Iowa through exhibits, events & workshops. ” ·
5. Granger House Museum
970 10th St
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Laut Jill “This is a local house in Marion that has been around for quite some time. It's interesting to see ho...”
6. Lowe Park Arts and Environmental Center
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Laut Jeanne “Outdoor art, trails and gardens..simply a peaceful place to go commune with beauty and nature.”
7. Iowa Masonic Library
813 1st Ave SE
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Richard & Tim
Laut Richard & Tim “Located right next store to our building.”