Die besten Museen in Bozeman

Lieblingsorte der Einheimischen

1. Museum of the Rockies
600 West Kagy Boulevard
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Laut Robyn “Museum of the Rockies at Montana State University is a Smithsonian Affiliate, recognized as one of t...” ·
2. Gallatin History Museum
317 W Main St
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Laut Joe “Step back in time and learn about Gallatin County’s heritage. In addition to jail cells and a hangin...” ·
3. American Computer Museum
2023 Stadium Dr
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Laut Robyn “For both Techies and Non-Techies alike: Since 1990 - the world's oldest continually operating nonpro...” ·
4. Museum of the Rockies
600 W Kagy Blvd
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Laut Erik “Dinosaurs are AMAZING. Best collection outside of the Smithsonian ” ·
5. Children's Museum of Bozeman
202 S Willson Ave
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Dan & Jodi
Laut Dan & Jodi “Educational | Fun | Reasonably Priced ”