Die besten Museen in Bendigo

Lieblingsorte der Einheimischen

1. The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion Ltd.
25 Sandhurst Town Rd
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Laut Kaye “This Stupa is destined to become the largest Buddhist Stupa in the Western World and is the home to ...” ·
2. Golden Dragon Museum
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Laut Susan “Here you can see Loong, the oldest Imperial Dragon in the world, and his heir to the Bendigo Easter ...” ·
3. Bendigo Pottery
146 Midland Hwy
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Laut Michele “Throw your own pot, see the history of the huge kiln, browse the antique stalls, see the artists at ...” ·
4. Discovery Science & Technology Centre
7 Railway Place
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Laut Sarah “Loads of interactive exhibits to explore. Some highlights include: Bendigo Planetarium, Vertical Sli...” ·
5. Post Office Gallery
51-67 Pall Mall
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Laut Debra “Award winning tourism centre -all visitors should take the time to visit.”