Die besten Museen in Belgrad

Lieblingsorte der Einheimischen

1. Nikola Tesla Museum
51 Krunska
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Tamara & Goykoh
Laut Tamara & Goykoh “Probably the most well known Serbian that have ever lived. Did you know that actually he invented wo...” ·
2. Museum of Contemporary Art
10 Ušće
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Laut Katarina “The collection of the Musem began to form around the time of the establishing of Modern Gallery and ...” ·
3. Princess Ljubica's Residence
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Laut Nikola “The Residence of Princess Ljubica was erected on orders by Prince Miloš Obrenović in 1831, as the pr...” ·
4. House of Flowers
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Laut Vesna “House of Flowers or Mausoleum is resting place of former Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito and his ...” ·
5. Museum of Vuk and Dositej
21 Gospodar Jevremova
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Laut Tijana “Museum of Vuk and Dositej is among the most important museums that witness about life of two very im...” ·
6. Museum of Applied Art
18 Vuka Karadžića
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Laut Tijana “The Museum of Applied Art, founded in 1950, is specialized for collection, protection, studying, exh...” ·
7. Muzej automobila
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Laut Nedeljko “This is a good place for everyone who loves cars. I believe that there are a lot of car museums in t...” ·
8. Muzej nauke i tehnike
51 Dobračina
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Laut Luka “If you want to see the development of technology and science through centuries, I advise you to visi...” ·
9. Zoo vrt Kalemegdan
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Laut Vasilije “The Belgrade Good Hope garden (Serbian: Београдски врт добре наде, translit. Beogradski vrt dobre na...” ·
10. Zepter Muzej
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Laut Branislav “A large private collection of modern and contemporary art, all in an ancient 19th century bank build...” ·
11. Muzej iluzija
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Laut Jelisaveta “Come into the fascinating world of illusions that will shake your confidence in the senses, but deli...” ·
12. Vojni Muzej
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Laut Laurentino “Military Museum. You can see tanks and canons from the two world wars in the open.”
13. Military Museum
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Laut Srejic “Museum of heroic Serbian army, winners of the WW I and winners at WWII. It is located in Kalemegdan...” ·
14. Природњачки музеј
51 Njegoševa
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Laut Gordana “The Natural History Museum in Belgrade is one of the oldest national institutions in Serbia. This is...”
15. Kuća Kralja Petra
40 Vase Pelagića
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Laut Obrad “Kings Peter castle. At the end of 19 century was summer residence from one of two competing royal fa...”
16. Muzej vazduhoplovstva
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Laut Marko “The museum owns over 200 aircraft previously operated, also displays wreckage of a downed USAF F-117...”
17. The White Palace
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Laut Jovan “The White Palace is a Royal Residence. It's construction began King Aleksander which was completed i...” ·
18. Milošev konak
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Laut Ljubisa “The residence of Prince Milos(leader of the first Serbian uprising against Turks in 1812 th), built ...” ·
19. Vinca - Belo Brdo
bb Profesora Vasića
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Laut Vlado “The Vinča culture, also known as Turdaș culture or Turdaș-Vinča culture, is a Neolithic archaeologic...”
20. Kuća Đure Jakšića
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Laut Aleksandra “House of Djura Jakšić, famous serbian poet and painter, who lived in Skadarlija. ”
21. Danube River
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Laut Nedeljko “I think that this is excellent place for walk, riding a bike. You will found your own piece here, co...”