Die besten Parks in Peking

Lieblingsorte der Einheimischen

1. Jingshan Park
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John And Hongli
Laut John And Hongli “Our favorite place! A man-made 50 meter hill built by the Yongle Emperor during the 15th century at ...” ·
2. Beihai Park
1 Wenjin St
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Laut Dave “Beihai Park: This park neighbours Jingshan, so to get there take the same route but the entrance wil...” ·
3. Olympic Forest Park
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Laut 雨灿 “北京最大的公园,景色,设施、植被都是公园中最好的。其中有适合慢跑的塑胶跑道,有俯瞰奥林匹克建筑群的小山,还有一片湿地我很喜欢,还会不定期举办各种体育文化活动。免费进入不收门票。” ·
4. Tuanjiehu Park
16 Tuanjiehu Nanli
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Maleeha & Abid
Laut Maleeha & Abid “Closet park to our house, with an open-air swimming pool and wave pool, a roller skating rink, and m...” ·
5. Shichahai
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Laut Haijing “Shichahai is the capital of the old style of the best preserved areas.is the source of the ancient c...” ·
6. 朝阳公园
1 Chao Yang Gong Yuan Nan Lu
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Laut Valery “北京朝阳公园是一处以园林绿化为主的综合性、多功能的大型文化休憩、娱乐公园。是北京市四环以内最大的城市公园,原称水碓子公园,始建于1984年,1992年更名为北京朝阳公园。南北长约2.8公里,东西宽约1...” ·
7. Ritan Park (North Gate)
6 Ritan North Road
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Laut Roman “Nice Park for walking, jogging, climbing etc.” ·
8. Yuyuantan Park
10 W 3rd Ring Rd Middle
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Laut Tao “北京最有名的公园之一,春季拥有北京最美的樱花花海,四季风景如画,值得一去” ·
9. Xiangshan Park (Northwest Gate)
40 买卖街
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Laut Qiang “香山公园位于北京西郊,地势险峻,苍翠连绵,占地188公顷,是一座具有山林特色的皇家园林。景区内主峰香炉峰俗称“鬼见愁”,海拔575米。香山公园始建于金大定二十六年,距今已有近900年的历史。香山公园有...” ·
10. Changpuhe Park (West Gate 1)
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Laut Ocean “I jog every morning in this small park along the river. Not long but enough to warm me up for the da...” ·
11. Longtan Park (North Gate 2)
8 Longtan Rd
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Laut Claire “this is a beautiful park in any season...gorgeous trees and plants to escape the busy capital! ” ·
12. Honglingjin Park
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Laut Roman “Nice Place for walking, jogging, look at Chinese kites etc.” ·
13. Tuanjiehu Park (East Gate)
16号 Tuanjiehu Nanli
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Laut Pingping “Less than 10 mins walking from home, this is a very local park with a lot of going on every day from...” ·
14. Chaoyang Park (South Gate 1)
1 Chaoyang Park S Rd
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Laut 子丹 “朝阳公园,北京的中央公园…… Beijing's Central Park.” ·
15. Happy Valley
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Laut Lia “刺激,惊险。可以乘坐7号线地铁2站地儿就到了”
16. Qingfeng Park (South Gate)
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Laut Anina “Great Park for running!”
17. Songzhuang Culture Park
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Laut Lu “A public park very close to the villa.”