Die besten Museen in Peking

Lieblingsorte der Einheimischen

1. Gugong / Tiananmen
4 Jingshan Front St
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Laut Dave “The Forbidden City: This is obviously the most well known attraction in Beijing. Come out on to the ...” ·
2. National Art Museum of China
1号 Wusi St
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Laut Monk “It is free(with reservation), multiple exhibitions are hosted at the same time.” ·
3. National Museum of China
16 E Chang'an Ave
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Laut Betty “It's located on the east site of Tian An Men Square. Free admission for general exhibition. Small fe...” ·
4. Today Art Museum
32 Baiziwan Rd
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Laut Lintao “美术馆离房源自行车15分钟的距离,如果要去,建议提前查找展览的物品名单,适合文艺青年去拍照,或者专业的同学去学习,运气好的话也许会遇上一些很珍贵的作品,大约需要3个小时。” ·
5. 798 Art Bridge Gallery
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Laut Ebru “Incredibly cute and inspiring neighbourhood. Great for Photography or handmade souvenirs. Original c...” ·
6. Mausoleum of Mao Zedong
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Laut Xu “China's largest public forum and the resting place of the Chairman. The square is public space, so n...” ·
7. The Palace Museum (North Gate)
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Laut Hope “the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming dynasty”
8. Capital Museum
16号 Fuxingmen Outer St
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Laut Diana&Oliver “The Capital Museum has a large collection of ancient porcelain, painting, jade, sculpture, and Buddh...” ·
9. China Science and Technology Museum
5号 Beichen E Rd
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Laut Zihao “中国科技馆 completed in 2000, displays topics concerning astronautics, energy, communications; material s...”
10. Songzhuang Art Gallery
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Laut Lu “The official art museum of Songzhuang.”
11. China Aviation Museum
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Laut Julia “Great museum displays many aircrafts China government adopted.”
12. The Paleozoological Museum of China
142号 Xizhimen Outer St
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Laut 志刚 “是一座系统介绍脊椎动物起源和系统发育的国家级博物馆。它是中国第一家以古生物化石为载体,系统普及古生物学、古生态学、古人类学及进化论知识的国家级自然科学类专题博物馆,也是目前亚洲最大的古动物博物馆。”
13. Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology At Peking University
5 Yiheyuan Rd
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Laut Misha “The Arthur M. Sackler Museum has one of the world's best collections of Chinese jade, as well as Chi...”
14. Maodun Former Residence
13 Houyuan'ensi Hutong
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Laut Nina “好 ”
15. Chinese National Film Museum
9号 Nanying Road
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Laut Xing “movie,coffee”