Die besten Nachbarschaften in Baltic Sea Coast Sh

Lieblingsorte der Einheimischen

1. Freetown Christiania
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Laut Claudia “this is an epic spot that used to be even more free-spirited than today (Google it if you don’t know...” ·
2. Kødbyen
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Laut Louise “For decades, Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District was home to dozens of businesses relating to the meat...” ·
3. Gamla Stan
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Laut Mikael “Gamla Stan är en av Europas största och bäst bevarade medeltida stadskärnor och en av Stockholms frä...” ·
4. Christianshavn
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Laut Maja “Take a stroll in Christianshavn. Its very Copenhagen-ish with its small canals. It would walk there....” ·
5. Old Town of Tallinn
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Laut Marina “Извилистые улочки, булыжные мостовые, литые уличные фонари, готические шпили и средневековые рынки, ...” ·
6. Vingis Park
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Laut Julija “Vingis Park is the largest park in Vilnius. Located at a curve in the Neris River, it covers 162 hec...” ·
7. Tjuvholmen
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Laut Hege “The area known as Tjuvholmen is a recent addition to Oslo's varied collection of boroughs. The build...” ·
8. Mežaparks
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Martins & Anna
Laut Martins & Anna “Mežaparks is a neighbourhood of Northern District in Riga. The name is literally translated as "fore...” ·
9. Kaivopuisto
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Laut Jaana “Kaivopuisto (Swedish: Brunnsparken), or in spoken language, Kaivari, is one of the oldest and best k...” ·
10. Užupis
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Laut Julija “UNESCO World Heritage. Užupis means "the other side of the river" . The district has been popular wi...” ·
11. Vecrīga
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Līga & Arnis
Laut Līga & Arnis “The Old Town is the oldest section of Riga as well as the center of the city. It is the city’s most ...” ·
12. Västra hamnen
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Laut Fredrik “During summer many people go to Västra hamnen to enjoy the sun and go bathing. The sea is deep here ...” ·
13. Kadriorg
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Laut Aigerim “Парк Кадриорг – самый выдающийся дворцовый и городской парк начали создавать в 1718 году по приказу ...” ·
14. Barcode Project
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Laut Eirik “Unlike any other area of Oslo Barcode is constantly expanding adding cutting edge architecture to th...” ·
15. Rotermanni kvartal
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Laut Rainer “Roterman quarter is interesting for its mixture of old factory architecture with ultra-modern nowada...” ·
16. West Harbour
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Laut Elli “The nearest habor where the ferries operatate to Tallinn. About 10-min tram journey from the apartm...”
17. Kronstadt
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Laut Lisa “Известнейший город-порт, расположенный на острове. Наиболее известным памятником архитектуры города ...” ·
18. Telliskivi
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Laut Anni “This is our hipster area, where everyone want to be. It's the restaurant area with special street wi...” ·
19. Itäkeskus
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Laut Kimmo “The biggest shopping mall in Scandinavia. Bookshops, restaurants, souvenirs, barber's shops, interna...” ·
20. Sørenga
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Laut Kim “Manmade from reclaimed water space. Manmade beach, housing, everything. This used to an industrial...” ·
21. Andrejsala
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Laut Daina “This is a cool area to explore. Mostly that whole spot in the middle by the water. There’s a pier wh...” ·
22. Vanha Porvoo
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Laut Teppo “Visiting Helsinki without enough time to see Old Porvoo is kind of deficient, in my mind at least. Y...” ·
23. Sapokka
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Laut Alexander “Sapokka Water Garden. Apart from a small-boat harbour, Sapokka is also an old sea bay refurbished in...”
24. Kamarowka
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Laut Pavel “самый популярный всесезонный рынок с большим ассортиментом всего, чего душе угодно. особенно в сезон...”
25. Ulva kvarn
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Laut Marie “Ulva kvarn har café, smyckesverkstad, glasverkstad med mera i en fin gammaldags miljö”
26. Saksild Strand
10Empfehlungen vor Ort
Laut Camilla “Very nice, sandy and beautiful beach. Toilets available, ice cream shop, tiny grocery store” ·