Die besten Nachbarschaften in Auckland

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1. Wynyard Quarter
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Matt & Chris
Laut Matt & Chris “Wynyard Quarter is becoming one of New Zealand’s most exciting and diverse places. Bordered on thre...” ·
2. Viaduct Basin
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Laut Yury “Viaduct Harbour is a lively place , varied with lots of restaurants and bars. Safe to walk around so...” ·
3. North Wharf
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Matt & Chris
Laut Matt & Chris “Take a stroll along the North Wharf promenade in the newly developed Wynyard Quarter and discover th...” ·
4. Queens Wharf
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Matt & Chris
Laut Matt & Chris “Queens Wharf lies at the foot of the Auckland CBD and offers a unique vantage point overlooking the ...” ·
5. Princes Wharf
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Laut Betty “Looking out on the stunning Waitemata Harbour, Princes Wharf is home to a mixture of bars and restau...” ·
6. Halsey St Wharf
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Laut Gillian “ON YOUR DOORSTEP in the heart of Auckland’s CBD, Viaduct Harbour is a residential, commercial and en...”