Die besten Nachbarschaften in Albuquerque

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1. Nob Hill
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Laut Judith “Nob Hill is our shopping and dining district along historic Route 66, just east of the UNM main camp...” ·
2. Old Town
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Laut Brandon “Old Town’s narrow streets and century-old adobe houses are home to New Mexican eateries serving ench...” ·
3. Uptown
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Laut Jeaninne “Uptown is a bustling, active part of the city with a classic mix of restaurants, shops, IMAX movie t...” ·
4. Cottonwood Mall
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Laut Chris “Large shopping mall is surrounded by additional shopping, including Costco, Wal Mart, Home Depot/Low...” ·
5. Downtown
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Laut Heather “Albuquerque's Downtown has many art galleries, museums and cultural events. The point on this map is...” ·
6. Los Poblanos
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Laut Matthew “Great open space within the city for walks, jogs, and birding. Also hosts MAIZE MAZE - large corn ma...” ·
7. Route 66 West
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Laut Annie “Route 66 runs through ABQ and is most places is the same as Central Avenue. Some parts are true tast...” ·
8. Sunport
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Laut Satyabhama “Airport is 15 minutes from house.” ·
9. Kirtland AFB
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Laut Claudia “Kirtland Air Force Base with BX and Commissary”
10. Montgomery Park
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Laut Cc “Lush grass, nice path.”
11. Netherwood Park
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Laut B “One block away from us a wonderful park for walking, jogging and gazing at the Sandia and Manzano mo...”