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Best things to do in Yilan County

History Museum
“The most complete collection of Chinese art and artifacts in a peaceful palace museum. A cusual mueseum visitor usually spend around 3 hrs over there. ”
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Andere tolle Restaurants mit Sitzmöglichkeiten im Freien
“到台北不知道去哪裡?來華山就對了!有各式展覽、電影、市集還有美食餐廳、酒吧和販賣設計商品的店。有吃有玩有逛,是全家大小出遊的好去處! One of the destinations that I will bring my friends whenever they visit Taipei. It's a all in one place. There are restaurants, cool coffee shops, bars, exhibitions, craftsman's market and shops selling designers' goods. I can just be here all day!”
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“The most prominent historical landmark in Taiwan, and a must-see destination. Standing amid the stunning architecture will take your breath away. The grounds cover more than 240,000 square meters, and includes three main buildings: the Memorial Hall, the National Theater, and the National Concert Hall. The forested parks and ponds are also very beautiful, and are home to various birds, squirrels, fish, and turtles. ”
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“The first museum in Taiwan built for contemporary art exhibitions. The architecture is a local interpretation of the Japanese Metabolist Movement.”
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“Nice small museum with cool contemporary exhibitions. The building itself is a historical site as well. The tickets are cheap, 50 NT/per person.”
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History Museum
“From Japanese colonial period until today. We can learn the local history and experience real hit spring.”
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“ At just NT50/pp, the Zoo is fantastic and a great place to spend the afternoon! Don't miss the PANDAS!”
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“National Center for Traditional Arts is simply one of the must-go attractions in Taiwan! It is located in Yilan, going from Taipei, you will need to take bus that goes to Luo Dong Bus Station from Taipei City Hall Bus Station #3 exit. Then take bus #241 or #261 (last bus 5:45pm) from the rear entrance of the Station to the Arts Center. This place will take you a whopping 3-5 hours to explore, be prepared! You can find a lot of local cultural artefacts, souvenirs, cuisine and boat tour that takes you around the place. It is possibly the best place that I would recommend to any of my visiting guests. Opening hours: 9AM-6PM http://www.ncfta.gov.tw/”
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“Here you will admire the traditional Chinese architecture of this aristocratic residence, and it's gardens with stone, water and plants arranged together in the fashion of the times.”
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History Museum
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“Built in different way with traditional construction, Beitou Library was designed as a “Green Building Library.”It is not constructed by steels and cements. It is a big tree house in the park. Readers can enjoy viewing mountainous scenery and relaxing breeze while they are reading. tuesday to saturday 8:30-21:00; sunday and monday:9:00-17:00 編輯 ”
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“Beside the exhibition in the museum, the ceramic garden on the back side is great too.”
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“Very old-fashion village locates in a modern area, really intriguing to taste the changing of this city.”
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“不錯的博物館 有空餘時間可以逛一下 但如果你只想逛一座博物館, 請去故宮博物院 Good place to visit if you have 1-2 hour spare to spend. Nice and modest museum covering natural history, indigenous people in Taiwan But if you only want to visit ONE muesum, please go to Palace Museum instead ”
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“宜蘭溪南的文化聚集地,在一個大大的瓜棚下不僅曾舉辦金馬獎,假日也常常舉辦表演及假日二手市集哦! http://lcwh.e-land.gov.tw/Default.aspx ”
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