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Best things to do in Yellowknife

History Museum
“Our museum is wonderful- and free. During the weekdays there is a world class restaurant that offers international cuisine. Come to see the bison and muskox, stay for the views.”
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“All local art for sale. I can always find something I love and support the local art community. ”
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“This gallery offers many northern artworks from artists all over Northern Canada. Make sure to also visit Down To Earth Gallery next door for Local Yellowknife Artwork.”
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“Excellent gallery with a selection of Inuit and Northern art and handmade items. This gallery houses the coveted Cape Dorset print series, along with many other original northern prints, sculptures, fur, hide, and beaded items.”
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“We have a consensus government so our legislative assembly is round. To respect the culture the ceiling is made of glass carvings reflecting the igloos which were the original homes in the territory. The legislature also boasts the largest collection of AY Jackson paintings on display. ”
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“Mainly a framing store, this shop also has a selection of excellent local art.”
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