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Best things to do in Breslau

“The Zoo in Wrocław was created in 1865 and had a dozen hectares of surface. Today on 33 ha live 14,000 animals”
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Natural Feature
“Beutiful place in our city, great to have a walk. If you will decide to go there you should do it in daytime and in evening when it's dark - then you will se 2 totaly different places. ”
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“The most popular place for student and other locals where you can drink alcohol on the air (it is not legal but you can ;)”
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History Museum
“Deffinetly historical place of Poland, only one kind of that place in world. Simply say, inside it's one big painted picture arround you with some historical moments of our country. You listen history which is describing picture which is surrounds you. In my opinion woth to see as experience.”
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“the best independent cinema in Poland. International festivals: New Horizons in July, American Film Festival in October”
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“absolute must in Wroclaw! check out also their sauna's spot called Saunarium, it's absolutely fantastic! they have some beauty treatments too :)”
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Italienisches Restaurant
“Not only in my opinion, but many many people says this the best pizza in Wroclaw. Of course, all depends of what you like, but there is usually a line to wait for a table, I think it says a lot about it.”
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“Best place in Wroclaw - iconic views and buildings. One of the best Main Square in Europe.”
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“The tourists can get on the top 49th floor in 1 minute with the lift. The viewpoint can fit 20 people. Located on the last 49th floor of Sky Tower is one of the greatest attractions of Wrocław. The tourists can get on top in 1 minute with the lift that carries 20 people. The staff looks after the order near the lift, they do not let inside people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or behave suspiciously. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Booking and selling of the tickets on +1 floor of the shopping gallery. Phone: 71 738 31 11. www.https://www.facebook.com/SkyTowerGaleriaHandlowa/app/731315100238964/?ref=page_internal”
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“Feels like little Japan in Poland. One of my favorites​ in the city when it's warm. ”
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Science Museum
“This is something like modern knowlege center about water. They call them self Water Museum. Very interested place, also good to go there with family. You can buy tickets on their website.”
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“Bardzo dużo klubów w jednym miejscu. Serce życia nocnego Wrocławia./ There is a lot of clubs here, Come if you want to have some party. ”
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“ice cream as cool as waiting in line to get them. Everyday new, extraordinary flavors”
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“Punkt widokowy na całe miasto ./ You can find a viewing point here. You can see the entire city form it. http://galeria.skytower.pl/punkt-widokowy.html”
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“ Najpopularniejszy klub latynoski we Wrocławiu./ Most popular latino club in the city.”
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“this is the second largest fountain in Europe. In the evening offers a great and free screenings. hour shows can be found on page: http://www.wroclawskafontanna.pl/#/STRONA%20G%C5%81%C3%93WNA”
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