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Best things to do in Warschau

“Fancy and trendy restaurant serving Mediterranean/Italian food. Great possibility to enjoy your meal outside on grass. Also one of best espressos in Warsaw.”
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“one of the best places for contemporary art in Warsaw + and off Cinema + good food”
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“Great beer, drinks but also the best seafood in Warsaw and maybe in the whole country!”
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“One of the not-so-crowded shopping malls in Warsaw, TK Maxx, ZARA, M&S, Benetton”
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“Drinks and dancing under the night sky. Great atmosphere with a view of the Vistula River and the National Stadium.”
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“My favourite restaurant. There are 2 sections: fresh fish taverna style (without booking) and more elegant steak&burger part. Vegan options available. All fresh and delicious! Often live piano concerts. ”
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“The oldest party place at Plac Zbawiciela. Everyone was there, and everyone is finishing the party there. A place for young students eager for events. It's worth to drop in the evening and feel the atmosphere of a crazy party.”
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“Many late night clubs with live music & dancing are centralized on this street.”
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“A magnet to Warsaw’s hipsters, Plac Zbawiciela (Savior Square) is a centrally located and home to the trendy wine bar and café Charlotte and the cult pub Plan B. The baroque/renaissance Church of the Holiest Saviour on the southern part of the square overlooks a busy roundabout in the middle, which up until the summer 2015 featured a colourful rainbow shaped art installation (symbol of LGBT pride, unity, love and peace), famous for the controversy it stirred among Poles.”
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Historische Stätte
“The Core Exhibition is a journey through 1000 years of the history of Polish Jews – from the Middle Ages until today. Visitors will find answers to questions such as: how did Jews come to Poland?”
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“Historical monument of a Polish- Swedish king Sigmundus Vasa 3rd that moved the capital of Poland to Warsaw.”
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“Miejsce gdzie znajduje się dużo różnych barów, które przyciągają klientów ciekawym wystrojem, wymyślnymi drinkami albo zwykłą wódką.”
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Sonstiges Nachtleben
“An evening of unexpected fun can be found at Warsaw’s La Playa club. Be transported somewhere tropical at this beachy bar, which plays music from around the world for you to dance to in the sand. If sports are more your scene, La Playa offers organized games such as beach volleyball for some friendly competition. The “urban beach” vibe of the venue is complemented by a cocktail list that includes fruity vodka drinks evocative of summertime no matter the season. ”
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“Place to be especially during the Easter where take a place The Easter Beethoven Festival .”
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“A modern, world class museum telling a very important yet not widely recognised story of Polish and Jewish people living alongside for hundreds of years until tragic events of the IIWW. A visit to the museum will also tell history of Poland in the most engaging way.”
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Thailändisches Restaurant
“Chanunkan Duangkumma - one of the most recognized chefs of Thai cuisine in Poland, coming from Bangkok and learned on traditional, family recipes, presents a unique approach to Thai dishes in the original edition. One top Warsaw restaurants.”
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