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Best things to do in Warschau

“The royal park. MUST SEE Chopin concerts from June till September on Sundays”
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History Museum
“The museum recreates the atmosphere, history and struggles that Varsovians went through during World War II in the attempt to liberate their city.”
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“A huge shopping mall with all the brands you probably know including Carrefour, Cinema, cafes, restaurants, laundry and all the things that you might need. Quircky architecture may grab your attention as well :)”
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“The National Museum in Warsaw is home to over 800,000 exhibits of both Polish and worldwide art. They represent all epochs from antiquity to contemporary times, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, illustrations, photographs, numismatic items and objects of applied arts. *** Zbiory Muzeum Narodowego w Warszawie liczą ponad 830 tysięcy eksponatów - dzieł sztuki polskiej i światowej. Pochodzą one ze wszystkich epok, od antyku do współczesności, i obejmują malarstwo, rzeźbę, rysunki, ryciny, fotografie, numizmaty, a także przedmioty sztuki użytkowej.”
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“Royal Castle in Warsaw, Barbican, St. John's Cathedral, Old Town Market Place”
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Malerischer Ausblick
“Palace of Culture and Science is a notable high-rise building in Warsaw, Poland. Constructed in 1955, it is the center for various companies, public institutions and cultural activities such as concerts”
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“One of the biggest shopping malls in Warsaw. If you want to visit ZARA, H&M or Reserved you will find it there.”
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“Since XVI Royal Castle was an official residence of the Polish monarchs. Currently it serves as a museum and place for official/national meetings.”
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“Beautiful Park with nice fountain, Unknown Solider monument and cool playground for kids”
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Science Museum
“At Copernicus, you will find around 400 exhibits within our permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as the Thinkatorium workshop space, and two theatres – the High Voltage Theatre and the Robotic Theatre. Admission to all the attractions listed below is included in the ticket to the Copernicus Science Centre.”
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History Museum
“Very well designed museum. At least 1 whole day if you want to see everything. Great area around.”
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“The most influential art gallery in Warsaw. Every time there is something worth seeing. On Thursdays you enter for free.”
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“Located in the historical Ostrogski Castle, it is one of the few multimedia biographical museums in Europe. Among the exhibits you will find the composer's last piano and manuscripts of his letters and compositions.”
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“Fountains operate every day from 8.30 am until 10.30 pm Multimedia show (music, lights, water, and laser) each Friday and Saturday. Highly recommended! May,June, and July: 9.30 pm August: 9 pm September: 8.30 pm ”
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Sonstiges Nachtleben
“The ‘Koszyki’ market hall, also referred to as ‘People’s bazaar’ was built in 1906-1908 in Koszykowa Street in Warsaw at the then ‘Koszyki’ grange place. For many years it performed as the main city market, very modern as for its times. Today Hala is ahead of its time again – it’s a pioneering solution of a place where 18 restaurants, 11 groceries, a fine Bazar Koszyki open from dawn to dusk, a chemist, a bookstore and a kitchen accessories and appliances shop are lined up next to each other. ”
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“Wunderschöner Ort, direkt am Wasser gelegen. Mit kleinen Cafe´s und Restaurants. 5 Minuten von der Wohnung entfernt.”
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