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Top-Empfehlungen von Einheimischen für Museen

“At the heart of the park is the summer residence of the last king of Poland - Stanisław August Poniatowski. Here, in the Palace on the Island,king hosted his famous Thursday dinners, to which he invited scholars and poets to discuss the issues of the day. Today is a museum where you can admire paintings from the royal collections. In the grounds of Łazienki you will also see an orangery, an amphitheatre , an eighteenth - century court theatre, the Musem of Hunting and Horse-riding, the Myślewicki Palace and numerous free- standing sculptures. From spring to late autumn, the gardens are abundant with flowers. ”
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History Museum
“Must see. Free entry on Sundays. On August 1st all Warsaw stops in the streets (people, cars, transportation) to show respect to Uprising soldiers that died to free the city from the Nazi occupation. ”
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“The National Museum in Warsaw houses a world class collection of art and artifacts stretching from antiquity all the way up to the modern day.”
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“Serving as the central building of the Polish Commonwealth for many centuries, this castle was rebuilt after it was dynamited by German troops after the Warsaw uprising, and has been rebuilt to recreate the original castle's 17th-century architecture and interiors.”
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History Museum
“Undoubtedly great place to learn more about history od Polish Jews in Warsaw. ”
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“Zachęta – National Gallery of Art is an institution whose mission is to popularise contemporary art as an important element of socio-cultural life. A place where the most interesting phenomena of 20th and 21st century art are presented.”
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Science Museum
“Fantastic interactive museum of science. It is very interesting and entertaining for both children and adults.”
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“The mission of the Fryderyk Chopin Museum at the Fryderyk Chopin Institute in Warsaw – the world’s largest Chopin centre – is to cultivate memory of the great composer and to make knowledge about his life and work available to the public at large. With its extensive programme of scholarly, exhibition, educational, publishing and artistic work and its promotional campaigns on an international scale, the Museum’s activities comprise collecting, describing, safeguarding and conserving museum objects belonging to the immediate Chopin heritage and making those resources available, as well as obtaining and disseminating the fruits of contemporary creative work linked to Fryderyk Chopin, his music and his times.”
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“Wunderschöner Ort, direkt am Wasser gelegen. Mit kleinen Cafe´s und Restaurants. 5 Minuten von der Wohnung entfernt.”
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“I can't say it's one of my favorite museums, but it's definitely worth stopping by when taking a walk by the Vistula river. There's a nice bookstore inside.”
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“Most neon signs come from the Cold War era. Small museum but worth going to if you have plans in the Praga district. ”
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“As you stroll along the "King's Road" to Old Town, the Presidential palace is a very picturesque stop along the way. ”
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History Museum
“Next to National Museum, with outside expo of tanks, planes etc. from II WW.”
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History Museum
“A unique place with stereoscopic photography displayed by a huge pre-war machine. You can see here the beauty of Warsaw before WW2. ”
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“The Royal Park. The biggest and most beautiful park in Warsaw. You can meet there a lot of squirrels and peachocs.”
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